“I love Natural Awakenings Magazine. I feel it is totally and completely in alignment with the same ideals that I have for my own business…creativity, compassion and community…and I feel like Shelly and the magazine embody those same goals and principles, so I don’t know that there could be a better venue for my business than Natural Awakenings.”

Sherry Gingras, Drumz

“Since I started advertising with Natural Awakenings Austin I have had a 75% increase in my business…that’s huge!!!  Another thing is that is so widely distributed…you can find a Natural Awakenings Magazine pretty much anywhere you go in Austin and even outside of Austin.”

Gabriella Espinosa, Pure Soul Alchemy

“I think it reaches a market that a lot of other publications, print and web, do not reach and the range of articles and information that is offered in Natural Awakenings brings in different types of students into our yoga studios. We just love Shelly and love that she visits several of our locations and is always bringing in people, spreading the word of how yoga can help transform people’s lives.  She is always promoting our business, not just in the magazine but also in the yoga community and outside in Austin.”

Mardy Chen, Pure Yoga Texas