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Moonflower Herb Fest gathers herbalists and herb lovers together to celebrate and share their experiences with regional plant medicines, plant healing, and plant magic. Our mission is to strengthen the herbal community in our Central Texas home, connecting new and experienced herb lovers together to share information. We give special space to our elders & mentors who have studied for decades to be able to share deep and meaningful knowledge about plants. Though somewhat regional in focus, we seek to offer different cultural approaches and traditions that use plants today. We strive to offer a schedule of classes that will appeal to both beginners and advanced plant lovers alike with a special focus on our native herbs and traditions.

Moonflower Herb Fest honors the time of year in which the veil becomes thin between worlds. At this time we pay respect to ancestors and those who have come before us. We have classes & ceremonies surrounding death & embracing the dark as much as the light sides of ourselves. Most importantly, as Maria Elena has taught us, we work to create a loving and authentic experience that connects us to each other, the magic inside each of us, Mother Earth, and the sacred feminine.