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Empowering the Divine Feminine: Nourish Your Inner Sanctuary

It’s about time you started treating your body like the beautiful vessel that it is. The thoughts we have about ourselves create actions, and those actions effect the way we treat ourselves and others all day long, rippling out into the world. You deserve for those thoughts to be from your best self – the part of you that feels strong and calm and happy. In the third class of this series we’ll talk about how, with a few little additions, you can change simple daily tasks like bathing and drinking water into moments of appreciation and gratitude. We will discuss ways you can add a little tender loving care to how you wake up, bathe, hydrate, even wash dishes and commute to work to “level up” the quality of your day. We’ll wrap up the talk with questions and a little vision boarding session, focusing more on the things that resonate peace, happiness, safety, beauty, and confidence within you. A reminder of what you have available to you that makes you feel grateful, confident and beautiful.
TEACHER : Corey Gusnowski, Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist