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About the EYP Teacher Training
This professional development course is a short pragmatic, training for yoga teachers wishing to deepen their asana classes psychologically, and help their students get yoga “off the mat”.

You may love this training if you want to:

– learn practical tools to psychologically enrich your yoga classes
– help students get their yoga learning into their whole lives
– connect asana practice more fully with what you care most about, what’s real and what matters
– enrich your current style of yoga with a fresh perspective
– develop a new aspect of your own yoga practice, that’s both profound and practical
– become qualified as an officially certified EYP teacher
– to join a supportive, fun, international community

have a great time learning something new and unique

It consists of four or five days live training, some pre-coursework (mostly watching videos) and reading a few books, and personal practice afterwards if you wish to officially qualify as a certified EYP Teacher.

The training is as much about developing as a person as it is about picking up new techniques and the principles themselves, so you can practice EYP in your own creative way.

Because Embodied Yoga is a set of principles rather than a style, it can add a new dimension to any approach to practice and be used creatively.

The training is not to be taken lightly as involves some work and much personal challenge. It will be deep, fun, personally and professionally enriching, but not all easy.

It is taught by EYP founder Mark Walsh, with a senior EYP Teacher supporting and EYP assistants.

Suitable for:
– people experienced in any style of yoga looking to add a whole new dimension to their practice and deepen their personal awareness and growth

– people already qualified to teach any style of yoga looking to add elements of depth, pragmatism and breadth from other embodied arts that they teach
– those looking to be able to teach EYP as a stand-alone class

– those up for a challenging emotional journey

– people with a sense of humor (vital for the training)

– people who care about social issue and the world beyond the yoga mat

– people looking to join a community of like-minded teachers working non-dogmatically and creatively in an emerging field.

Course Content

– the core method of EYP

– thorough training in all the 26 main postures of EYP

– how to structure an EYP class

– how to integrate EY principles into existing classes and 1-1 work

– how to teach ‘real good!’

– EYP partner and group work

– the yoga of walking, talking, and every other damn thing!

– applying yoga to work, love and relationships

– marketing EYP and yoga generally (always popular!)

– trauma awareness for yogis (Mark’s specialism)

– ongoing embodied development and support

Apply Embodiment principles to Yoga styles:
– EYP can be used within your existing teaching styles or methods of Yoga such as Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Partner yoga, Vinyasa yoga or Acro yoga, (and many more).

– Many yoga teachers who learn to teach Embodied Yoga Principles like to add layers of depth and subtlety to their current classes, workshops and retreats by adding simple embodiment inquiries and explorations (we call this EYP Light).

– This helps them integrate their learning as well as giving opportunities to their students on an accessible level, as well as learning to teach the more intensive deeper, stand alone EYP method.