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If that question evokes dread, fear, or a blank stare, you are not alone! Most people are clear on what they DON’T want to do, but have a hard time pinpointing what it is that they actually do want.

With over 500,000 career options available, figuring out the right fit can be challenging. Our schools didn’t teach us much beyond doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer. No wonder 70% of Americans are unhappy at work and feel stuck in their careers! Knowledge is power. The more you know what’s out there, the sooner you can pursue your dreams.

Career Zen has designed a card sort deck that approximates the wide range of careers available, including the most popular job titles today. Through a 3-step process, students go from “I have no idea” to “this is exactly what I’m looking for.” Finally answer “What do you want to do?” with confidence and clarity! 🙂