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DEMYSTIFYING KUNDALINI: Spiritual Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness

WIth Steven Vazquez, PhD

IONS Austin welcomes back Dr. Steven Vazquez! Last year, Dr. Vazquez “wowed” our IONS audience with a spellbinding talk that included a live demonstration of his amazing light and color healing therapy. Now he’s back speaking on a topic that engenders much intrigue and mystery.

This presentation will focus on direct experiences of spiritual awakening, not solely intellectual concepts. Conversion experiences, near-death experiences, plant medicine use or spiritual energy are examples of direct experiences.  However, our focus will be on direct spiritual experiences that lead to transformation of consciousness. Paramount in these experiences is the Kundalini experience that is popularly misunderstood and will be defined.  Scientific research about Kundalini will be presented.  A case for the universality of Kundalini in many cultures will be made, so it is seen as something that not only occurs in Yoga. Aspects of Kundalini may be shown in live demonstrations with volunteers.

This presentation will introduce Dr. Vazquez’s 6 part series on LIVING WITH KUNDALINI beginning on April 10th here at UCOH. Further derails on the 6 part series will be posted soon.

Join us for exploring ultimate states of consciousness and transformation with an eye on the Kundalini experience!

Stay for tea and sweets at our IONS Social following immediately after the presentation at a nearby residence. Feel free to bring your fav sweet item to share (optional). Pls come and join in the fellowship! We would love to see you!!