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Natural Awakenings Austin

We're open but with new hours/limited operations!

We are seeing patients on an emergency basis only. Looking forward to seeing you when our brand new office opens up soon!

8229 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Austin, TX 78757

Dr. Sefcik has been practicing family biological and holistic dental dentistry for more than 30 years. Her specialty is to safely remove toxic metals and infections, while minimizing exposure and by using biocompatible materials and supplements to help obtain optimal health.

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From The Owner

“Holistic, or biological, dentistry starts from the principle that the mouth reflects what’s going on in the body and the body reflects what’s going on in the mouth.” – Joan L. Sefcik, DDS, F-IABDM


My family used this Joan's practice for over 20 years, here is our story judge for yourself... Back in the 2010s my brother chipped his tooth, Joan recommended that she cap the tooth so he had the procedure done. The chip went into his gum line, we have since been informed that his chip would have required a root canal. 10 years down the line, my brother has the kind of pain that makes you want to die. An abscess had grown underneath the tooth that has required ongoing extensive surgery, a quarter sized piece of bone removed from his jaw, three teeth removed and he's not even close to done... Joan stopped x-raying him, she never asked him and she never asked our parents, she just stopped giving him x-rays. For years. I realized that she hadn't x-rayed me in a very long time either so I go to an actual dental practice for a second opinion. 13 cavities. My father went in for a second opinion and he has 9 cavities. My teeth aren't my teeth anymore. How does Joan handle this situation? Professionally? No. Brand protecting? YES! Joan and her staff initially blame us for not coming in for regular visits, we had gone in every six months for her standard semi annual exam. We point to the lack of x-rays, now she says that we "opted out" of x-rays. None of us opted out of x-rays. Then she claims that our guardian opted us out, they did not and this occurred when I was 25 nobody has medical POA so nobody besides me could possibly opt me out. We left a negative review on google which she turned into a sales pitch for her practice which is flat out disgusting. Joan should not be operating, I earnestly ask any long time clients to get a second opinion and and prospective clients to look for better holistic dentistry options. She is a danger to the industry and to our community. Also, her hygienist tried to sell me a book every time I came in for like 3 years. I sincerely doubt that holistic dentistry is top of mind.

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