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Crystals for Overcoming Fear

Fear is all fun and games on Halloween, but in daily life it can be a crippling state. The current events of 2020 are creating a potentially scary and destabilizing landscape, which could trigger fears related to survival, health, scarcity, loss, the unknown, and change. Fear can paralyze your progress and interfere with your ability to experience a full life. It blocks the flow of energy through your biosystem and chakras. Clear your fears with the help of these three crystals.

 Charoite: Charoite is a top support stone during times of major transformation or upheaval. Its prevalent purple color ray awakens the higher chakras, connecting you to higher spiritual realms, perspectives, and wisdom. The purple ray also clears and transmutes lower thoughts, emotions, and energy. The black dendritic inclusions have a grounding and balancing effect on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. If you are gripped in a state of fear, Charoite can quickly stabilize and shift you.

Charoite helps you identify and release deep subconscious fears that interfere with health, well-being, and forward movement. It is especially well-suited to help you move through fears that result from big, sudden events and life changes. Charoite surfaces the root causes of fear, whether it originates from your recent past, childhood, genetic line, or other lifetimes. It provides the power to transmute the energetic imprint of these experiences and to reframe them from a higher perspective.

 Chiastolite: Also known as Fairy Cross Stone, Chiastolite is a form of Andalusite that manifests a cross formation on its surface. The cross in this stone has been associated with spiritual devotion, banishing negative energy and curses, the four directions, and a gateway from one state to another.

If you are feeling fear as a result of psychic attack or being in dangerous situations, Chiastolite offers energetic protection while deflecting any negative energy that is directed your way. It helps you to clean up your own psyche, dispelling lower thoughts, fears, and anxieties of all kind. If you have irrational fears, Chiastolite helps you face and move through the illusion of danger. If your fears are related to health or finances, Chiastolite is known to calm and center you, so that you can access practical and spiritual solutions. If you are facing the great unknown, Chiastolite can soothe your fears and escort you across the threshold into the new.

 Spirit Quartz: This radiant member of the Quartz family has a very unique formation—a blanket of small drusy crystal points covers the entire body of a larger, terminated Quartz. The larger, core crystal focuses and connects to the higher dimensional realms, while the smaller points transmit the high frequencies out in all directions. Spirit Quartz quickly raises your light quotient, clears and balances all chakras and layers of the aura, and accelerates your spiritual growth process.

Spirit Quartz effectively clears fears that disturb your peace and hold you back. It ushers in the peace and tranquility of the Divine realms, elevating you to a higher emotional space and soothing generalized fear and anxiety. Spirit Quartz is especially helpful in processing fears related to death, loss, or big transitions. It works on the level of the etheric blueprint, which programs the formation of your physical body and carries patterns from other lifetimes that can affect the current one. You can consciously work with Spirit Quartz in meditation to pinpoint the source of fears in your blueprint and to heal them via higher consciousness and love.

If fear is your teacher, these crystals can help you pass the test.

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