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In This Issue: October 2020

Oct 05, 2020 03:51PM ● By Cat Carrel

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When It’s Time to Let Go

One of the primary teachings of Buddhism is that attachment and clinging cause undue suffering. Attachment can be in many forms: to a thing or possession, to a relationship or person, to a job or title or to youth and a youthful body. You don’t have to investigate too deeply to understand how suffering is related to holding on to something that you don’t want to let go.

Attachment to a way of life or lifestyle can also bring suffering when that way of life changes or there are things happening that are out of our control like government shutdowns and restrictions on doing business. This is currently the situation with many small businesses that rely on foot traffic, Austin’s once-thriving music and entertainment industry and the wellness industry which is largely comprised of single practitioners who do one-on-one work with clients. We’ve seen businesses pivot with remote energy work, Zoom concerts and online and curbside shopping. But sometimes even changing operations isn’t enough.

Clinging to what was instead of accepting what is causes a great amount of suffering. Grieving for the loss of our favorite restaurants or live music venues is understandable and necessary. But holding on to that anger and grief can cause not only more suffering, but health problems and stress-related disorders. Acceptance of the situation is the first step towards releasing the emotions that are causing the suffering. Then, once we have been liberated from our attachment, we can move on.  

Life as we knew it seven months ago may never return to “normal” and we may never see our favorite places open back up. But a new normal is possible. Understanding that everything is impermanent can help us work through the pain. And knowing that what may return in its place may be even bigger and better than before.

Stay well, dear readers.

Cat Carrel, Publisher


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