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In This Issue: September 2020

Aug 30, 2020 04:45PM ● By Cat Carrel

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Self-Made Self-Care

Self-care is important now more than ever. Emotions are running high—frustration about mask wearing can erupt in a viral-worthy tirade at the store, fear about loved ones catching the virus manifests in family warfare or situational depression sets in for the long haul. While typically self-care might mean a massage, going to the gym or getting together with friends on a Friday night, choices are limited in the days of the coronavirus. But there are ways that we can soothe ourselves, starting with self-compassion.

When I’m in a particularly difficult space, mindful breathing is one of the most effective ways that I can bring myself into the moment, sit with the emotion, and observe my breath until the emotion fades or passes altogether. Then, I can tell myself that it’s normal to be thinking the way that I am, and that others are going through the same thing. Having compassion for yourself during hard times builds resiliency and reduces stress.

In this month’s feature story, “Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age: Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times,” Sandra Yeyati looks at ways we can find calm in the chaos. She speaks with Austinite Dr. Kristin Neff, who gives us tips on how mindful awareness can help us to stay with the pain long enough to take care of ourselves through physical and mental soothing.

September is National Yoga Month, and in this month’s article, “Yoga for Every Body: Adaptive Ways Ease Pain and Immobility,” Marlaina Donato explores Adaptive Yoga, a type of yoga for people with chronic pain or debilitating conditions. And don’t miss our local spotlight on My Vinyasa Practice, a new yoga studio in central Austin that specializes in yoga therapy using an online and in-person business model that supports its teachers during the pandemic.

However you choose to soothe—stay well, dear readers.

Cat Carrel, Publisher

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