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Gifts from Nature for Anniversaries and Milestones


Crystals for Anniversaries and Milestones [5 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

by Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer at Nature's Treasures

2020 will go down in history for many reasons. Life-changing events continue to unfold for the human collective and the pandemic has put many things on pause or in slow-motion. Yet, life goes on for individuals. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, the birth of a child, a new home, a new job, and other big milestones are important occasions that are especially worth celebrating now. 


Nature’s Treasures is observing a major milestone this year—the 20 year anniversary of being Austin’s premier source of crystals and all things metaphysical. August 8th is designated by the city of Austin as Nature’s Treasures Day, to honor and celebrate the anniversary of one of the biggest and best crystal shops in the nation.

Special occasions call for special gifts to commemorate them. Gemstones, minerals, and rocks are symbols of endurance, stability, strength, beauty, and permanence—making them ideal gifts for anniversaries and other well-earned achievements. Here is a little shopping guide to help you pick out the perfect gift from nature for a big anniversary or a special occasion. Keep it handy when you visit Nature’s Treasures, your local crystal headquarters.

Traditional Anniversary Gemstones and Gifts:


 Gold—1st & 50th anniversaries: masculine energy, the sun, royalty, vitality, creativity.

Sapphire—5th, 45th, and 70th anniversaries: wisdom, insight, mental clarity, intuition, peace, discipline, awareness.

Diamond—10th, 60th and 75th anniversaries: divine energy, radiance, longevity, intensity, protection, love, purity.

Ruby—15th, 40th and 80th anniversaries: royalty, prosperity, passion, sensuality, courage, strength, protection, adventure.

Emerald—20th and 35th anniversaries: love, healing, abundance, compassion, harmony.


 Pearl—3rd and 30th anniversary: innocence, faith, charity, purity, integrity, sincerity Silver—25th anniversary: feminine energy, the moon, mystery, intuition, the subconscious, introspection.

Alexandrite—55th anniversary: joy, ecstasy, wisdom, transformation, higher dimensional connection, creativity, abundance.

Blue Spinel—65th anniversary: inspiration, calming, communication, intuition, psychic ability, hope.

Bonus idea: China is a traditional 20th anniversary gift that is beautiful and practical. Nature’s Treasures carries stone dishware that makes a statement, while providing energetic benefits. Check out their banded onyx and fossil options.

Banded Onyx:  Onyx assists with centering, balancing, and aligning with the Divine realm. It helps you to draw in positive energy, good fortune, and happiness.


 Birth of a Child—Celestite: Celestite has a soft and elevating energy that is perfect for an infant’s bedroom. It purifies the energy, while bringing in the peace and love of the Divine realm. Its calming energy will help to release all that is keeping baby (and parents) up at night—anxiety, worry, stress, anger, fear, or tension. Celestite’s vibration eases baby into a state of carefree floating, providing a feeling of security and protection. 

Crystals for Other Milestones: 

Fossil: Fossils help you to achieve success in business, and they promote excellence. They clear old programming and awaken receptivity to new ideas, energy, and ways of being.

Housewarming—Selenite: Selenite is known as one of the highest vibration minerals on the planet. It brings in refined, spiritual vibrations that clear and uplift any space where it is placed. Selenite will make the new home feel like a peaceful, holy temple.


 New Job—Fluorite: There’s always a learning curve with the start of a new job. Known as the IQ stone, Fluorite brings order, coherency, and clarity to the thoughts and senses. It keeps the mental body sharp and helps with retaining and processing new information. Fluorite enhances productivity, while looking really good on a desk.

Make life’s happy moments even more precious with the gift of these beautiful gems.  

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