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DITI Imaging Moves Austin Office, Offers August Special

DITI Imaging Digital Thermography has moved its Austin location to 3355 Bee Cave Road, Suite 202, in West Lake Hills.

Digital infrared thermal imaging, or DITI, is a non-invasive, radiation-free, painless procedure with no contact with the body. DITI is a clinical imaging procedure that records the patterns of infrared heat naturally emitted from your body. The thermal images can be used by a healthcare practitioner to help assess pathology in the body as well as monitor pain.

Thermography is a test of vascular physiology, meaning that it looks for abnormal blood flow, inflammation and functional changes in the tissue which can often be the indicator of early-stage disease. DITI can be used to identify back injuries, nerve damage, unexplained pain, fibromyalgia, dental/jaw infection, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, thyroid dysfunction and to perform headache evaluation.

During the month of August, DITI is offering a full-body scan for $375.

For more information, visit, or call for an appointment at 866-409-2506.

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