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In This Issue: July 2020

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Shift Happens

We are well on our way to a major shift in consciousness. Locally, nationally and globally we are witnessing a world that is awakening to racial, economic and environmental injustices. Once thought of as separate plights, these three issues are inextricably entwined and must be addressed together. It is only a matter of time before major systems and institutions are toppled in favor of more equitable systems that treat all people and nature with respect and reverence; expect corporations to behave as responsible custodians of the environment and their employees; and expect our government to be servants of the people instead of the other way around.

While many may resist this awakening, others see this as a necessary evolution in thought and process to prevent an existential catastrophe. Our current way of being is not sustainable, and we are seeing the results of this in the spread of disease, mass extinction of species, the need for civil uprising and interruptions in food chains. Something has to give!

This month, we look at one of those unsustainable systems—factory farming. In Beyond Factory Farms: ‘Big Meat’ Comes at High Cost Melinda Hemmelgarn looks at these giant meat operations that are wreaking havoc on poor, rural communities, causing air, soil and water pollution and making nearby residents sick. It is current and relevant—during the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen just how unsustainable these operations can be, especially when high numbers of employees fall ill. 

Indeed, shift happens! In this month’s Wise Words, Linda Sechrist talks to Stephen Dinan, founder of The Shift Network. In Stephen Dinan on a Sacred Vision for America, Dinan sees a future of mindful interconnectedness, one where we have a sacred worldview, where we live in reverence for all humanity and life. John Lennon once imagined this kind of world, isn’t it time we all did?

Stay well dear readers,

Cat Carrel, Publisher

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