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Summer Vibe Crystals

By Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer at Nature's Treasures

Summer is officially here, and the heat is on! The summer solstice, on June 20th, marked the longest day of the year and moved us into the season of passion, joy, play, and an abundance of light and energy. Summertime has other metaphysical associations: the fire element, Divine Masculine energy, enlightenment, and integration. It’s a time to pause, process, and bask in all of the previous spiritual work we have done in other cycles, rather than starting new projects or going in new directions. Tune into the positive, life-affirming energy of summer with these four crystals.

Ruby: Ruby, the radiant July birthstone, is an energizer, an activator, and a gemstone of power. It vitalizes your physical body and lower chakras, enhancing your life force energy, passion, sex drive, and manifestation ability. Traditionally associated with royalty, Ruby is an abundance stone that magnetizes wealth. Ruby encourages a positive, enthusiastic mental and emotional state—empowering you to follow your bliss and go for your dreams. Your sense of adventure and openness is heightened, which can attract a windfall of expansive new experiences. At the third eye, Ruby promotes clear and coherent thought. It also stimulates the pineal gland, which sharpens your psychic senses and tunes you into a more enlightened perspective.

Sunstone: Sunstone connects with solar energy and the charismatic traits of the Divine Masculine, such as warmth, generosity, and confidence. It enhances positive leadership by helping you to be comfortable with stepping into a role of greater responsibility and using your power for the highest good of all. It is a stone of manifestation and blessings, bringing in positive synchronicities and assistance in moving forward. Sunstone brings a sense of freedom, fun, and adventure into your life and relationships. It burns through lower feeling states that keep you from being your authentic self. Sunstone helps you shine and radiate your gifts into the world!

Fire Agate: Fire Agate is an earthy, reddish-brown stone that has iridescent flashes of red, orange, gold, and green—mimicking the appearance of flames. Historically, due to its association with the fire element, it has been used in magic and alchemy. It can help you to access and manifest your Divine blueprint, highest path, and an enlightened state. Fire Agate is a stone of passion and pleasure, encouraging a zest for life. It revs up sexual expression, creativity, and self-confidence. At the same time, there is a steady, grounding force in this stone that supports you through challenging times. Fire Agate creates a powerful protective shield; and the flashy, iridescent quality deflects negative energy, returning it to the sender. Like fire, it has a transmuting property that clears lower frequencies and blockages in your energy system.

Amber: Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, embodies the warmth and life-giving qualities of the sun. Revered as medicine in many ancient cultures, Amber was known to draw out disease, while absorbing and transmuting negative energy. It can lighten your mood and lift you out of depression. Amber acts in a magnetic way--if you rub Amber against wool, it will attract paper. It enhances your personal magnetism, while magnifying the qualities that make you attractive in all ways–such as beauty, radiance, and charisma. Perhaps that is why it has historically been worn as jewelry to attract love, luck, and prosperity. Amber also activates the crown chakra and helps you to connect via mediation with Light beings from the Galactic and Earth realms.

Pick up some good vibrations with these sunny stones.

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