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Crystals for Meditation and Inner Peace


By Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer at Nature's Treasures

Relax, breathe, and let go. Taking a meditation break can shift your consciousness, lower your stress levels, release negativity, and enhance your well-being. If stress is pumping cortisol through your system, keeping you in fight or flight, meditation can disrupt this process and move you back into a state of peace and equilibrium. It transports you to the grace of the present moment and allows your consciousness to access the peaceful and loving transmissions from the higher dimensional realms. If you have trouble connecting with your inner Buddha or settling down to meditate, work with these three calming crystals.

 Larimar: Beautiful blue Larimar can infuse you with a paradise vibration of Caribbean waters and blue skies dotted with white puffy clouds. Larimar is a stone of deep relaxation and tranquility. It dissipates stress and tension in the mind and body, while calming discordant emotions. Larimar tunes you into the higher truth that all is well in the Universe.

Placing Larimar at the third eye can escort you into a deep meditative state. It shifts your vibration and consciousness so that you can align with higher dimensional realms. Larimar has a special resonance with the angelic realm and the Divine Feminine, allowing you to access these loving and nurturing frequencies in meditation. It is also known to bring through ancient Atlantean information and the joyful, healing vibration of the dolphins. According to Robert Simmons, meditating with Larimar opens the pathway to the divine stair of ascension.

 Danburite: Danburite is a gorgeous pink crystal that activates and clears the crown through the etheric chakras, harmonizing and integrating them with the heart. It earns its distinction as a high vibration ascension stone, as it accelerates your frequency and connects you to the spiritual realms. Danburite can create a clear connection for channeling Divine energy and messages, while also facilitating interdimensional travel to angelic and galactic realms. Some specimens contain an inner Buddha configuration, which amplifies the stone’s energy and helps you to actualize enlightenment.

Danburite delivers soothing energy and enhances meditation. It releases anxiety and stress from your system, as well as other lower emotional states, bringing a sense of peace and well-being to your subconscious mind. It also calms down excess mental energy and slows your thoughts. This assists you in achieving a higher, meditative state and can also alleviate insomnia. The keynote frequency of Danburite is Divine love, and it helps you to experience and express it in your life.   

 Angelite: Angelite is a soft blue stone that emanates eternal peace, benevolence, wholeness, and compassion. Under the influence of Angelite, your emotional body relaxes and unwinds, stress melts away, and your mental chatter subsides. Your consciousness is filled with peace and is set free to float into the higher dimensional spectrums.

Angelite is called the stone of awareness, because it enhances your perception, intuitive gifts, and attunement to other realms. It is a top stone for tuning into love, healing, and guidance from angels, ascended masters, positive galactic beings, and spirit guides. Angelite can enhance multidimensional telepathic communication and channeling abilities, enabling you to receive and deliver spiritual energy, messages, and downloads. You become a beacon of light and Divine frequency—an Earth angel.

Incorporating these peaceful stones into your meditation practice will do much to enhance and deepen your experience. Hold them in your hands or wear them as jewelry if you are doing seated meditation, or place one over the third eye or heart chakra if you are lying down. Namaste! May peace be with you.

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