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Event Spotlight: You Are Enough with Panache Desai

Have you spent an immeasurable amount of time working to better yourself in some way, and yet still feel stuck in your life, unable to level-up?

Join bestselling author Panache Desai at 2 p.m. on March 1 at Unity Church of the Hills, for “You are Enough,” a powerful afternoon discovering new ways to navigate life’s challenges and experience heart-opening realizations, while perhaps even shedding a tear or two…of joy.

Based upon his upcoming book, You Are Enough: Revealing The Soul To Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility, Desai shares surprising and unexpected insights that will redefine how you see yourself, the experiences of your life and the potential you have yet to discover.

Through a lifetime of self-discovery and working with luminaries and thousands of others around the world, Desai has discovered an insightful process to move beyond what holds you back, opening a gateway to thrive. Step into a life that flourishes with faith, strength, and vitality.

Desai's live appearances are invariably electrifying. Through eye-opening storytelling, gentle humor and the fire and passion that comes from a genuine desire to create real change, Panache connects with his audience, showing them the power, purpose, and potential that comes from realizing that “You Are Enough.” 

Desai is a visionary thought leader and life catalyst in the area of human development whose loving, compassionate presence and unique power of insight have transformed countless individuals, organizations and companies. As a mentor and a coach, he has developed groundbreaking programming and content that uplift and transform a global community numbering in the millions.

Through his gift of energetic transformation, he helps people break free from suffering and limitation on every level, fostering a deeper understanding of who they are, and guiding them into greater states of connection, collaboration and love, allowing them to reach astonishing levels of personal and professional success.

Cost: $45-$75. Location: 9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin. For more information and to register, visit



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