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Natural Awakenings Austin

Carolee Clark, "Yoga Class"

Dec 30, 2019 06:22PM
"I believe that everyone is creative in different ways,” says Oregon artist Carolee Clark. “It might manifest itself in cooking, gardening or other creative activities. I am a visual person, and my learning experience throughout my schooling was influenced by this proclivity. I view the world as spatial, noticing colors and patterns.”

A full-time artist since 1998, Clark began painting with watercolors, experimented with pastels and now works mainly with acrylics, favoring landscapes and figures as subject matter. “My friends tease me about how I continually try new directions and am never satisfied with the work I’m doing at the moment,” she confides, “but I like to push myself to explore bold, new ideas.”

One element of Clark’s ever-evolving passion has remained unchanged: her love of drawing, which enables her to quickly capture her ideas as realistically or abstractly as she desires, and then concentrate on color choices and the application of paints. She explains, “I like to exaggerate forms in a playful manner and use unusual colors and intriguing calligraphic brushwork and patterns.”

Clark’s artwork is held in private collections throughout North America, Europe and Australia. View her portfolio at
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