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In This Issue: January 2020

Dec 30, 2019 05:57PM ● By Cat Carrel

A Decade for Kindness  

When setting my intentions for the new year, I realized that as we enter a new decade, perhaps I should aim higher than usual, review my bucket list, and set some goals that reflect my current world view. By far, the intention that I feel can make the most difference in the world is to be kind to others. Regardless of politics or philosophical differences, when we approach ourselves and others with kindness and an open heart, we can change the world.

As far as the bucket list goes, most of mine have involved world travel. But with my desire to reduce my carbon footprint, I know that I may want to reevaluate where and how I get there. Occasionally revising your life goals is important. In Tidying Up The Bucket List: Deciding What We Really Want, Carl Greer explores how we can look at what we want to achieve, based on our current mind view. It’s not about what others want, or how you want to portray yourself, but identifying those things that reinforce your authenticity.

Going into 2020, our focus on planetary health will complement our ongoing commitment to leave no stone unturned in all facets of personal health. This month, the eternal quest for the fountain of youth leads us to examine the factors that contribute not only to living long but living well. Writer Melinda Hemmelgarn’s January feature, Living Long and Well: Age-Defying Habits and the Fountain of Youth, looks at the role of genes, environment and lifestyle factors; she offers age-defying strategies—from diet, exercise and sleep, to protecting our telomeres and adjusting our attitudes.

It is possible to live a healthy lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint, to be kind to others and ourselves, and to strive for a better world. For when we are healthy—of body, mind and spirit—we are an unstoppable force for good. Cheers and bring on 2020!

Peace and enjoy,

Cat Carrel, Publisher

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