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Transformation Crystals for 2020

By Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer at Nature’s Treasures

As we turn the calendar page, we enter a new year and a new decade—a major reset time. The planetary energy continues to accelerate exponentially with each passing year, bringing unhealed issues to the surface on both individual and collective levels. It’s time to transform what no longer works and to create a new 2020 vision. These two transformational crystals can help you to become energetically clear and focused, while acting as a magic ingredient to speed up the manifestation process.

 Stellar Beam Calcite: The crystalline formation of Stellar Beam Calcite models a grand potential: the possibility for you to make big shifts and change your outer reality to a more refined and spiritually focused expression. As Katrina Raphaell explains, most Calcite manifests in the shape of a rhomboid or parallelogram, both internally and externally. Stellar Beam Calcite has an internal crystalline structure that is a rhomboid, but its outer shape (and energy) resembles a spaceship. The sharply pointed terminations give it an added intensity, focus, and energetic range. Since Stellar Beam is the Calcite that has evolved the rhomboid to an entirely different shape, it represents the manifestation of the new reality. In meditation, it activates your psychic centers and brings you Divine inspiration, ideas, and a blueprint for creating something new—a new body, new state of being, a new personal reality.

Creating something new requires dismantling the old, and Stellar Beam Calcite can help you clear old habits, emotions, and patterns that keep you stuck. Working with it over the chakras can remove blockages, entities, hooks, cords, and all forms of unwanted energy. It quickly raises your vibration and consciousness so that you can align with your higher self, higher dimensions, and your highest mission. It activates your solar plexus, amplifying your ability to ground and actualize your visions and goals.

 Pyrite Iron Cross Twin (Goethite PS. After Pyrite): This exciting new find embodies the concept and energy of alchemy, making it perfect for helping you to create personal transformation. It is a pseudomorph, meaning that one mineral chemically replaces part of another mineral without changing the external form of the original. In simple terms, we have a Pyrite crystal with a thin layer of Goethite on the surface—a wonderful synergy of two powerful manifestation stones.

It also forms in a special and complex geometric structure called an iron cross twin. You can see cross formations between clearly defined pentagonal (5-sided) faces. This advanced geometry brings coherence and clarity to your thoughts, energy, and bio-system. It makes it easier for you to clearly develop, hold, and send out the visions you want to manifest, and to take appropriate action on the physical plane to make it happen.

Pyrite Iron Cross Twin is a portable, hand-held vortex that opens dimensional doorways while bringing in high-vibration light for psychic activation and spiritual acceleration. It helps you to transform your energy system into its highest, most optimal state—promoting the healing of all issues, blockages, and levels of the being. The energy of this stone adjusts and fluctuates to bring each chakra exactly what is needed for perfect functioning--whether its clearing, balancing, healing, energizing, or activation. It also protects and stabilizes your auric field, while enhancing proper energy flow through all meridians and chakras. Pyrite Iron Cross Twin refines you to the point where you can achieve Merlin-like abilities, manifesting like a magician and turning your life into gold.  

Don’t just write your New Year’s resolutions. Make them happen with the help of these two empowering stones.









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