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Beth Carpenter Offers Decades of Naturopathic Experience

by Sheila Julson

Beth Carpenter of Healthy Help 4 U has lived a holistic lifestyle for more than 30 years. The naturopath and medical intuitive had first been exposed to natural healing as a teenager when her mother began exploring natural wellness modalities such as vitamins, herbs and diet. But a pivotal moment came for Carpenter in 1982, when she was just 23 years old.

“I was diagnosed stage 4 poorly differentiated, small cell lymphoma, and the doctors told me I wouldn’t see my 24th birthday,” she recalls. “I used allopathic medicine during treatment, but it drove me to pursue natural healing and become a naturopath, medical intuitive and energy healer.”

Today, Carpenter, who turned 60 in December, is doing well. Through her holistic wellness business, Healthy Help 4 U, she uses myriad alternative techniques including diet and nutrition counseling, energy work, detoxification therapies and her specially designed vegan health and skin care products to help clients achieve wellness. She has a naturopathic degree from Clayton College of Natural Health, a distance-learning school formerly based in Alabama.

Carpenter takes a lighthearted, humorous approach toward educating clients how diet, thought processes and detoxification all influence physical and mental health. “I get them to realize that doing an internal cleanse is cheaper than a having a heart attack,” she affirms. “Even if you have no health challenges, consider making one upgrade. For example, you could radically improve your health by changing the quality of your skin care products.”

Her plant-based, synthetic-free skin care line has lotions and scrubs with essential oils and oil blends. “I work with plant medicine, in oil and tincture form,” she explains. “Essential oils are the strongest form of plant medicine.” Several of her products, such as Magic BuBu Bye Bye, help relieve external wounds and internal injuries. Circulation Now boosts blood circulation, which also promotes healing. All of her formulas contain eco-friendly, vegan essential oil blends to maximize health. “Studies show that the average woman uses over 60 different body and beauty products that have chemicals that can contribute to cancer or disrupt hormones,” Carpenter emphasizes.

Taking an individualized, non-judgmental approach toward each client and his or her needs and goals helps them achieve results, Carpenter notes. “I’m happy going at whatever speed a client prefers,” she says. “Everyone has a certain learning curve.” She affirms that she “meets people where they’re at in life,” such as if a client loves chocolate, she’ll advise them to not give it up, but instead to buy good quality chocolate that’s free from artificial ingredients. “If you give people a diet plan they’re not psychologically ready for, you will lose them. When people realize they can have things that are good for them and also taste good, it’s easier to make a healthy shift.”

Carpenter also works with clients energetically to cut cords, and to clear and balance chakras, the concentrated energy centers of the body. She calls this energetic hygiene. “Many people think they’re living life completely, but most are living a reactive life, based on their thoughts and emotions. Those thoughts sometimes aren’t necessarily serving their highest and best good,” she explains. “I always say that food choices either create health or create disease, and it’s the same with thoughts and emotions. When we understand and practice energetic hygiene, our health, thoughts and emotions are understood, because the whole of us makes better choices, thus less stress and more opportunities.”

Her detoxification therapies include chelation, intestinal and/or parasite cleanses, depending on what each client needs. She works with cancer patients to help them balance natural with allopathic healing. Carpenter is also a medical intuitive, which helps her pinpoint specific areas where the body might need improvement. “Through my mind’s eye, I scan people’s physical bodies, organs and the auric field,” she explains. “Issues can be lodged in the joints or the nervous system. The body never lies. People might hold some things back at a doctor’s office or with me, but I see it in the body, in their aura fields and chakras.”

Carpenter attends health fairs and offers healing sessions at events throughout the community. She even provides energy work for animals at the Denver Zoo. “When I see change in another person’s eyes, and see them fully present, it’s a joy to know I’ve made a difference in their life,” she concludes. “It’s a blessing to be of service at this level.”

For more information, call 512-707-9886, email [email protected] or visit

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