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January Wise Skies Forecast

January 2020 Overview

January is a 5-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year
1 (January) + 4 (2020) = 5

  • Freedom, adventure, dynamic change. 
  • Watch out for unnecessary drama and crazy-making behaviors.
  • Funnel your energy in the direction of your 2020 personal goals. 

Numerology Power Days

January 4th - Take practical action. Follow up + circle back.

January 11th - Plant a seed of desire.

January 22nd -Find freedom in the process.

Astrology Power Days 

January 3 - Mars enters Sagittarius

January 3-4 - Quadrantids Meteor Shower

January 10 - Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer 

January 13 - Venus enters Pisces

January 16 - Mercury enters Aquarius

January 20 - Sun enters Aquarius 

January 24- New Moon in Aquarius

Week 1: January 1st - 5th

Happy New Year! The Skies are clear for you to set intentions around simplification and building foundations. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter: Good news and good luck abound on the 1st and 2nd then Mars enters Sagittarius through February 16. This is an ideal week to write and publish books, articles, journals, and market your written words as well as exert some physical energy in a fun and playful way.  Look up! It will be a great weekend to watch for shooting stars - the Quadrantids Meteor Shower will peak Friday and Saturday. Mars trines Chiron over the weekend too: Pay it forward to the divine masculine in your life: Dads, brothers, colleagues, uncles, etc. Spiritual warriors, rise up! This is your call to action. "The wound is where the light gets in." -Rumi 

Saturday, January 4th; Numerology Power Code Day 5*4: Don't let an opportunity pass you by today! Take practical action. Follow up and circle back with people. Watch out for overthinking or over-complicating things. 

Week 2: January 6 - 12

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is upon us - and completes on the 12th. This is a major planetary event that happens once every 34 years. Two of the coldest and harshest planets join in the Skies to effect a change this year. You may find hardship, limitations and restrictions are actually blessings in disguise. Remember: things are happening for you, not to you. When times get tough, think outside the box. Find buried treasure from the past. Pay attention to messages in your dreams. This major transit is felt 3-5 weeks in advance of January 12. 

Mercury will work with Saturn and Neptune this week. With the Sun close to Mercury as well - this is an auspicious time to launch your book, entertain, explore metaphysical topics, and learn something through the arts. This is a positive transit for sales and marketing. Think happy thoughts.  Train your mind. Use this time to research, and set something up now that launches or is revisited in May. 

More is revealed: Uranus will flow forward again in 2-Taurus this weekend. Anything you've been chewing on, reviewing, or revising now receives green lights and clarity. Uranus will retrograde again on August 15. 

Friday, January 10th: Full Moon Eclipse in 20-Cancer: Minor delays and emotional outbursts are normal during the Full Moon. Pack your patience.  Closure, coming home, taking care of your inner child. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure. Eclipses can feel like we are living 100 days in 24 hours. Take care of yourself.

Numerology: 11: Intuition  6: Compassion 20: Connection

Intention: I recognize fears, insecurities, and intimidation as limitations that hold me back from sharing my light, and am willing to open up and let go of any darkness that impedes my light. I feel empowered to shine. 

Positive (High) Vibes of the Cancer Full Moon:
(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)
Home and family
Cooking, nurturing and mothering
Caring and caregiving
Kindness and compassion
Emotional intelligence
Keen intuition and gut instincts
Empathy and sensitivity to others
Healing early childhood conditioning
Creating space for self-compassion

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Cancer Full Moon:
(What you might intend to remove)
Being controlling
Being over-protective
Fear of rejection
Lack of clear ambitions
Being moody or crabby

Saturday, January 11th: Master Numerology Code 1*1*1 - The portal is open, the veil is thin. A 111 numerology code is activated today encouraging you to make a wish or plant a seed of deep desire. Say your dreams and wishes outloud. Trust the universe to conspire in your favor. Be mindful of overactive thoughts and unnecessary analysis. Breathe. 

Week 3: January 13 - 19

Stay organized to thrive this week. Sun conjuncts Neptune and Saturn: Take time out for creativity, meditation, and inspirational activities. Be in the receptive mode and let good things come your way. Hard work pays off. Self-development activities and discipline is rewarded. Do not try new medications, avoid alcohol and stimulants, be cautious as you detox.      

Venus enters Pisces January 13th through February 7th: Compassion, intuition, and exquisite imagination. The lower vibes of this combo can produce laziness, extreme emotions, and people-pleasing tendencies. Find your cause to stand behind.

Mercury enters Aquarius January 16 - February 3:: Listen to your bright ideas and take action, tap into your inner rebel, get passionate about a cause, and raise the vibe. 

Psychic messages are likely this week as Mercury sextiles Chiron - trust your inner knower. Notice patterns and ideas from what goes on this week and revisit them when the transit passes again May 15th. 

Reminder: Things are happening for you, not to you over the weekend. When Mercury squares Uranus there is disruption of the peace and plans change. This is not a good time to travel, make decisions, or buy electronics. Be prepared to calm your nerves if triggered. What tools do you have to maneuver through fiascos?  See what comes up this weekend - the energy is revisited on August 10th. 

Week 4: January 20 - 26

The Sun enters Aquarius and sextiles Chiron:  the energy changes - big risks mean big rewards, but have you set yourself up for success or failure? Diligently clean house (physically and emotionally) to stay sane and focused. Find healing mojo. Consider themes and ideas from this week and revisit them on May 20th when the transit passes a second time.

Wednesday, January 22nd Numerology Power Code Day 5*4
5 = Freedom  + 4 = Cleaning house

Watch out for anxiety, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage. With this combo, the unsettling energy can bubble up to the surface. Do something practical to calm the mind (dishes, laundry, “mundane” chores). Consider what you can declutter (physically, mentally, emotionally), in order to create more freedom. Replace a sense of urgency with being grateful for what you can do that’s right in front of you.

Sun squares Uranus: Expect the unexpected. Surprises and breakthroughs. Consider themes and ideas from this week and revisit them on August 2nd when this transit passes again.

Venus sextiles Jupiter: Positive vibes. Smooth sailing with luck, love, money, and moods. Do something now that sets yourself up for success in December. This transit has two passes: January 23, and December 14. 

Friday, January 24th: New Moon in 4-Aquarius

This phase signifies new beginnings. Where do you need to hit the reset button? What new projects do you want to start? Make wishes around the collective consciousness, friends, future, and understanding within 8 hours of the New Moon becoming exact.

Numerology: 7: Connect the cosmic dots  11: Insights & Downloads 4: Practical action

Intention: I surround myself with inspirational people and recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Positive (High) Vibes of the Aquarius New Moon:

(Make wishes in these areas)

Empowering groups

Human rights

Out of the box thinking

Futuristic inventions

Curiosity and innovation


Being honest with yourself and others


Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Aquarius New Moon:

(What you might wish to remove) 

Being overwhelmed

Aloof behavior


Being flakey

Judgmental attitudes 


Weekend Vibes: Work hard on Saturday (Mercury sextile Mars), rest on Sunday (Moon enters Pisces ). 


Week 5: January 27 - 31
Proceed with caution under heated Skies this week. Hang out with people you want to emulate, take the high road, and be prepared for delays and confusion. Caution lights come on when Venus squares Mars and Mars squares Neptune. Passions and tensions can result in volatility. This is not a good time to make purchases or have important conversations. Lay low and play it safe. Be aware of poison, toxins, deception, and confusion. Look for themes and be ready to respond differently in the future. This transit makes three passes this year: January 27, June 3, and September 4. 

In positive news: Venus conjuncts Neptune: Look for magic, work with your dream-team.

Journal Prompt: Revisit your monthly goals and 2020 goals. How are things lining up for you? What new information do you have? Where do you need to pause, pivot, and find a new solution?

Forecast by Tiffany Harelik, MA and Amanda Rieger Green, MPH of Wise Skies

Art by Sasha Boyle of Astrology Mothership

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