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City seeks Climate Ambassadors

Nov 11, 2019 11:23AM ● By Cat Carrel


In 2015, the Austin City Council adopted the Austin Community Climate Plan. This plan set key goals around community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and helped to identify the actions we
could take to help us achieve those goals. A lot has changed since the plan was first passed five years ago, and the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability has begun an effort to update the plan based on where we’re at today.

Focus on racial equity
The City’s Office of Sustainability and Equity Office are partnering up to prioritize advancing racial equity in sustainability planning. Ensuring that we are increasing equity while mitigating greenhouse gases means examining the history of racial segregation and environmental justice issues in Austin. This includes considering the structural and systemic barriers
that have contributed to racial inequities in our community.

We also recognize that government officials are not always the most appropriate people to create spaces for genuine, authentic conversations. Public meetings, committees, and evening events are not always the best way to reach everyone. That’s where Community Climate Ambassadors come in.

We are seeking a racially and economically diverse group of people to serve as Community Climate Ambassadors. We are interested in people who are willing to speak about the challenges, barriers, and opportunities facing historically underrepresented groups — specifically, people of color. This initiative will help us better understand the issues our community is facing, identify our shared goals, and consider what approaches we should take in order to achieve a sustainable future.

Become a Community Climate Ambassador
We are looking for community members and organizations to serve as Community Climate Ambassadors. We are interested in people who can apply an equity lens to climate work or can contribute their historical and/or lived experience to the conversation. An Ambassador is anyone that is interested in climate change issues or is a representative of an organization or group that is directly connected to and/or providing services to historically underrepresented groups in Austin. Topics include but are not limited to: energy, transportation, food, and access to nature. Funding is available to pay those who can assist in bringing more voices to this process. We are looking for people who can meaningfully engage with the following groups:

Black, Indigenous, People of Color
LGBTQIA+ Communities
Immigrant, migrant and/or refugee communities
Union workers
People Experiencing Disabilities
Low Income Communities
People Experiencing Homelessness
People with Records

Ambassadors will provide City staff with the notes and information resulting from their meetings
with community members. We ask that Ambassadors commit to completing the following tasks:

TASK 1 – TRAINING & EDUCATION: Participate in a workshop as an opportunity to learn more about climate-related issues and contribute your thoughts to the conversation. Work with staff to design and develop an interview guide. 15-hour estimated time commitment
TASK 2 – INTERVIEW REPORTS: Conduct a minimum of five interview reports to gather and share
information about climate issues within your community between December and March 2019
(dates TBD). 35-hour estimated time commitment
TASK 3 – ON-GOING PARTICIPATION: Collaborate with the Office of Sustainability to reach
out to networks about the plan and support for implementation. 25-hour estimated time commitment

We can't wait to start working on our Climate Action Plan together! Fill out the application form with the following link:
Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, November 27th.
City staff will contact selected Ambassadors no later than Friday, December 6th.


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