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Nutritional Protocols for Cancer

Nov 02, 2019 04:28PM ● By Cat Carrel
By Linda L. Isaacs
In the early 1960s, Dr. William Donald Kelley, an orthodontist in Grapevine, Texas, found his health rapidly going downhill. He had become emaciated, with a tumor protruding from his abdomen. Since CT scans and needle biopsies were not available in that era, he was given the presumptive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with liver metastases, and told to get his affairs in order. Instead, Kelley put himself on a nutritional protocol. 

When he recovered, Kelley found that patients started coming to him to find out what he had done and how they could implement it for themselves. He became a practitioner of alternative medicine for cancer and other illnesses, working in Texas and in Washington State.

Around 1980, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., began an investigation into Kelley’s work that would change the direction of this life as well as myself, a then third-year medical student. In Kelley’s files, Gonzalez discovered many well-documented cases of patients with cancer who were alive and well years after they should have died. A book detailing the results of that investigation is available under the title One Man Alone.  For the next several years Kelley’s work was researched and investigated by the both of us. 

Gonzalez was a native of New York City, with many contacts there, and so when the time came to try to recreate Kelley’s work, we moved the research there. For many years, we treated patients and published case reports, journal articles, and books. Gonzalez passed away unexpectedly in 2015 and the practice was moved to Austin this year. 

Diet, Supplements and Detoxification

Diets vary from patient to patient, ranging from nearly vegetarian to something closer to a Paleo or Atkins diet. All diets, however, require organic food and lots of vegetables, while eliminating white flour, sugar, and alcohol. 

The supplements also vary from patient to patient. For cancer patients, the supplements always include large amounts of freeze-dried pancreas in capsules, naturally rich in pancreatic enzymes. Enzymes have been used in cancer treatment for more than a century; they may well form a crucial part of the body’s defense against cancer.

Detoxification refers to procedures designed to help the body get rid of stored toxins from living in a toxic world, as well as the waste materials that form when repair takes place. Just as remodeling a house creates sawdust and rubble, repair processes can create biologically active debris. Techniques such as saunas and daily skin brushing are highly recommended in addition to the backbone of detoxification with this program—the daily use of coffee enemas. Most patients find the idea strange when they first hear of it; however, almost without exception they all become fond of the procedure because it makes them feel so much better.

While specific recommendations can’t be made to patients not properly evaluated, everyone can benefit from a carefully chosen organic diet, free of refined flour and sugar, and supplementation with pancreatic enzymes, which can do more than aid in digestion. 

Linda Isaacs, M.D., develops individualized nutritional protocols for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Contact her at 737-208-0831. For more information about this method and past results, visit

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