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Renowned Healer Joins the Austin Community

Nov 02, 2019 04:08PM ● By Cat Carrel
by Sheila Julson

Elizabeth Joyce is commonly referred to as a psychic medium and healer; however, she prefers to say that she has the gift of knowledge. It’s a gift the New Jersey native says she was born with and was nurtured by her grandmother, Grammie Hemphill. 

Joyce has used her gifts to predict national headlines like the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski affair, the Elizabeth Smart rescue and many natural disasters. She’s also helped numerous law enforcement agencies with missing persons cases, shared insights on renowned programs including Unsolved Mysteries, and has written nine books. Today, Joyce has taken up residence in Austin, where she hopes to teach others how to harness their universal energy from within.

This gifted spiritual guide is one of two sets of identical twins in her family. As a young child, she developed respiratory problems due to air pollution generated by oil refineries in Newark, New Jersey. Joyce’s mother sent her to stay with her grandmother, a shaman and intuitive who lived in the fresh, open spaces of New Hampshire. “Grammie Hemphill recognized and encouraged my gifts,” explains Joyce, “by teaching me the power of nature, animals and the Earth.”

When she regained her health, Joyce returned to her immediate family in New Jersey and also to the challenges of her childhood. She dealt with everything from sibling rivalry to being an outcast among her peers. “I was psychic and could tell things, but people would call me a liar. It wasn’t easy for me as a child,” she reflects.

As an adult, Joyce had a near-death experience after sustaining serious injuries from a car accident she was in with her son, Jeff. While in the ambulance en route to the hospital, Joyce’s heart stopped beating. Her out-of-body experience drew her to a light where she was reunited with deceased loved ones who told her to return. That powerful experience drove her to continue using her gifts to help others.

Intuitive insights appear to Joyce through dreams, visions or in auditory form. “I work with universal energy, which spirals out of the center of a galaxy called the double helix, which is going to bring us a new foundation for humankind,” she says. “I’m all about forces bringing peace to the world, stopping wars, and having us all work together in harmony.”

While achieving world peace will be no easy task, Joyce emphasizes that it is possible and that she’ll do her part by helping others to be their best selves so they can contribute to humanity and the planet. “As you ascend and raise your vibration, you’re helping other people in the world. When you help them, they’re also helping you. When you understand this, you won’t do things like throw plastic out the window or commit acts of violence.”

Joyce emphasizes that the mind is powerful and can change our reality, and she teaches people to work with that energy to change their thoughts. Now in Austin, where she says she moved to “on impulse,” Joyce will guide others through ongoing workshops and an intensive workshop in late January. “Intensives are very powerful because people learn to clean out their aura shield which changes the chemistry in their body; many experience profound self-healing.”

In Austin, Joyce also plans to develop a meditation group that she calls Embracing Spiritual Frontiers. She also offers psychic readings and guidance for individuals, couples, families and groups, either in person, via Skype or by phone. Her spiritual guidance services include past and present life regression. She has an assistant, Frank St. James, who does crossover readings to connect clients with their deceased loved ones to facilitate healing relationships.

While there was some inner resistance at first, Joyce has come to peace with being a conduit for guidance. “It took a long time, and I worked on myself like you wouldn’t believe,” she says. “Now I just go with whatever I’m guided to do.” Writing has helped her along in the process; in 2017, she completed her memoir, Unlimited Realities, which she first dreamed about in 1981.

Joyce and St. James host a weekly radio program, “Let’s Find Out,” airing Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on The radio program is another outlet to further teach people about harnessing the universe’s energy. “Everybody has psychic powers and is able to do this natural process. We are all divine beings, and we can all develop ourselves with this energy if we choose to,” she affirms. “I know who I am, I know what I know, and how I serve. I’m a child of the universe and a child of God.”

To contact Elizabeth Joyce, call 512-305-3233, email [email protected]
or visit

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