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Natural Awakenings Austin

High Vibration Crystals ~ Aligning with Kryon

By Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer at Nature’s Treaures

Kryon is coming to town on October 19th, which is sure to raise the vibration and consciousness of Austin. Kryon is a beloved angelic entity channeled by Lee Carroll, who has brought through groundbreaking metaphysical messages for thirty years about the ascension of humanity.

A Kryon conference is like a loving family reunion of old souls and an opportunity to hear the latest spiritual revelations. Advertised topics for this year’s event include DNA activation, new Earth paradigms, Lemuria, the Divine Feminine, and channeling. If you resonate with Kryon and these topics, here are three high vibration crystal suggestions for you.

 Crystal Skulls: Crystal skulls are cosmic libraries and brilliant light tools for ascension. As the legend goes, there were thirteen original crystal skulls that were brought to Earth in ancient times. Each of the first twelve skulls resonates with one of the twelve dimensions and twelve DNA strands. The thirteenth skull contains the unified frequencies of the twelve crystal skulls, twelve dimensions, and twelve DNA strands.

The ancient skulls were deliberately programmed to contain the blueprint for the fully activated human being and the Divine human prototype. Quartz has the ability to store information within it, and these skulls are said to contain cosmic records, ascension codes, and vast amounts of metaphysical data. This gift was intended to upgrade humanity during key evolutionary periods, and the skulls were brought together and worked with in Lemuria and Atlantis.

You can find a multitude of modernly carved crystal skulls on the market today, which do connect with the energetic records and codes stored in the ancient skulls. The cranial shape is the key. Since the modern and ancient skulls share this shape, they are in harmonic resonance. A modern skull can receive and download the energetic transmission coming from the ancient skulls. Your own cranium then comes into harmonic resonance with the crystal skull you work with in meditation, which eases the transference of energy and information into your conscious awareness. This is why a crystal skull is an indispensible companion in your spiritual transformation process.

 Lemurian Seed Crystals: Lemurian Seeds channel the love of Lemuria deep into your being. This exquisite Quartz crystal exhibits a laser wand formation, and the horizontal lines found across the body of the crystal represent coded information. According to Katrina Raphaell, they were programmed by Inner Earth Lemurians to transmit frequencies of love, oneness, unity, and equality--with the intention of seeding these high vibrations into the Earth grid system.  

Lemurian Seeds open the heart and heal the emotional body, delivering the frequencies of the New Earth, paradise, and your true spiritual home. They can help you to heal the original wound of separation and attune you to Divine Feminine energy. Placing a Lemurian Seed above your head for at least eleven minutes can activate your crown and etheric chakras. Meditating with it in this position can give you access to past life information and gifts from Lemuria and other ancient civilizations.

 Auralite: Auralite, the most powerful form of Amethyst, is a quantum leap crystal for spiritual upgrade. It contains up to twenty-three other mineral inclusions inside, giving it multi-functionality like a metaphysical Swiss Army knife.

Auralite adjusts to your needs and helps you to make necessary shifts to transcend to a higher level—whether it’s clearing blockages, releasing emotions, healing, or changing your beliefs and consciousness. It awakens multiple psychic senses, opening you to channel and communicate with higher dimensional beings. It also activates your spiritual DNA and your pineal gland.

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