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Heal Your Body with Crystals


By Nature's Treasures Crystal Healer Adrienne Goff

If you are facing an illness, working with crystals can support your body and your healing process. Crystals can clear the energetic root causes of disease—unhealthy thought and belief patterns, toxic emotions, or past life issues that contribute to health problems. Crystals are also effective for releasing stress and negative energy that would diminish health. They infuse higher vibrational energy into the body to support the cells, organs, and systems in speeding up the natural healing response.

Although it is not recommended to use crystals instead of following professional medical advice, crystals are safe, noninvasive, and a wonderful compliment to Western Medicine. Here are the best crystals to support physical healing:

Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine is one of the best and most versatile healing stones, appropriate for addressing any ailment. It targets the areas of the body most in need of healing, and its first priority is to assist in releasing disharmonious energy there. It transmutes unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and patterns that contribute to physical disease or imbalance, thus treating the underlying root causes. Then, it infuses pure green healing energy into the cells to speed up the healing process. It is powerful, yet gentle—safe and effective!

Fluorite: Fluorite is a stone of perfect order and perfect health, due to its highly geometric crystalline structure. It purifies, releases, and re-patterns anything in the physical body that is out of alignment. It strengthens the body and immune system, helping to prevent you from contracting contagious infections. And if you do catch something, Fluorite can knock out an illness at the first signs of it. It assists in reversing conditions related to abnormal growths and inflammation, while also treating issues in the nervous and skeletal systems. Fluorite is great for pain relief, and it also balances and stabilizes the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to create general coherence and well-being.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body, such as the immune, endocrine, lymphatic, reproductive, and circulatory systems. It’s a stone of power and vitality that strengthens the root chakra and physical energy. This gives it a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis and speed up the natural healing process. Grab Bloodstone when you are feeling drained, fatigued, or exhausted. It can clear negative energy and emotions that are contributing to illness, while providing protection from negative influences that would impact your health.

Seraphinite: Known as a stone of glowing health, many regard Seraphinite as one of the top healing stones for these times. It works on spiritual and karmic levels, connecting with angelic energy to help heal disease resulting from past life experiences. It clears energy blockages and belief patterns that contribute to illness, while aligning you with your divine blueprint of perfect health. Seraphinite has been known to recode the DNA, and it is one of the best stones for cellular rejuvenation. It is effective for treating systemic imbalances or diseases, and it can even help combat cancer. Many also work with it for detoxification, pain relief, and healing negative feelings about the body.

Healing is an inside job—allow these crystals to align you with radiant health.

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