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Seasonal Scents: Lighten and Brighten the Holidays

Nov 03, 2018 02:29PM

Seasonal Scents

Lighten and Brighten the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, essential oil scents may help reduce stress and lead to more enjoyment of the festivities that will take place. Distinct aromas often associated with the holidays such as cinnamon, orange, cranberry, balsam fir and peppermint may also support the well-being of our mind, body and spirit.

Cinnamon bark oil’s aroma may evoke memories of holiday celebrations. Diffuse cinnamon bark oil to create a warm, inviting and comforting environment for family, friends and guests. Cinnamon bark oil can be applied topically, but it is considered a hot oil, so it requires dilution to avoid skin irritation.

Orange essential oil has stimulating and purifying properties that may improve mood. Its fresh, sweet, citrus aroma may uplift energy levels of the mind and body and evoke a sense of peace, harmony and creativity.

Cranberry oil has a fruity, slightly bitter aroma. It contains antioxidant properties and may support health and wellness.

Balsam fir has a refreshing, woodsy scent. When diffused, it produces a grounding and calming aroma that may support our efforts of self-care to take a breath and enjoy the present moment.

Peppermint has a nostalgic, recognizable and fresh scent. It inspires a sense of peace and invigorates the mind and the senses. Peppermint’s refreshing aroma can boost our positivity.

Diffusing each oil individually or creatively combining them enhances the holiday spirit.

Beth Carpenter, ND has been actively involved in natural healing and working as a naturopathic practitioner and medical intuitive for more than 30 years. For more information call 512-707-0886 or visit Or, visit her online store at for skincare and essential oil products. 

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