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Eternal Waters Aquamation: A Compassionate and Eco-Friendly Alternative for Pet's Aftercare Services

By Sheila Julson

Pets have become more than just furry or feathered creatures that share our spaces; they’re our friends, companions and confidants. When Karin Sanchez discovered aquamation, an eco-friendly pet cremation that uses water instead of fire, she and her husband Hector knew that environmentally conscious Austin residents would be interested in the personalized care and low carbon footprint of the aquamation process. They opened Eternal Waters Aquamation, currently the only pet aquamation facility in Central Texas.

Karin is passionate about making a difficult process smoother for people and their pets during their aftercare services. “Rather than just providing a service and returning ashes, I want to comfort people and assure them I am taking good care of their family member. I treat their pets as if they are my own,” she says. “We accommodate special requests whenever possible, such as a saving whiskers or customizing the clay paw print.”

Eternal Waters Aquamation picks up pets from a home or veterinarian’s office, or pets can be brought to the facility. They will soon be moving to a larger suite that will include a comfort room where families can have a last moment with their pet or a memorial service.

The process of aquamation uses alkali, water and a state-of-the-art system designed specifically for pet aquamation. Pets are placed in a private compartment in the aquamation system, which uses a combination of gentle water flow, warm temperature and a small amount of minerals. At the end of the process, the bones need to dry, and then they are processed into ashes to be returned to the family. “Aquamation is the same process as Mother Nature if you buried your pet in the ground—just accelerated,” she explains.

Karin states that aquamation uses 90 percent less energy than traditional cremation and has zero emissions. “The process uses only as much water as a 10-minute shower. Aquamation is gentle enough that implants can be recovered and recycled. We guarantee that families receive the ashes of their pet, and only their pet,” she affirms.

Eternal Waters Aquamation offers individual or communal aquamation services. They take care of pets as small as mice, and other pets up to 400 pounds. Recently, they were chosen as one of the 50 on Fire businesses by Austin Inno as a company that leads the way in the innovation community. “We are excited to be a part of this great community in driving Austin forward with a greener pet aftercare choice,” Karin says.

Eternal Waters Aquamation is located at 1019 S. Heatherwilde Blvd., Ste. 130, Pflugerville. For more information, call 512-369-2913 or visit

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