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Natural Awakenings Austin

A Note from Your New Publisher

Glad to Be Here

As we enter the dog days of summer in Central Texas, gratitude helps take our minds off the heat. I am grateful for the ice cream truck’s warbling music, diving into a favorite swimming hole now and then and spending precious hours with family inside a cooled house. Amidst daily demands such pleasures can be fewer than we hope, but oh-so-welcome.

When I first decided to return to Texas after a 25-year absence, the prospect of embracing more time with my parents, siblings and extended family inspired me to meditate on the possibilities and create a space within to receive. For more than a year I searched for a way to make the change from living in the Pacific Northwest in a way that would honor my values and bring me closer to loved ones. In what could only be divine guidance, at the exact right time I discovered Natural Awakenings Austin and met Shelly Searle, the former publisher, who was also ready for a life change. Moving into the role of publisher this month is the manifestation of my dream job and I am over-the-top happy to be here. Yes, even in peak heat.

What’s your love language? Gary Chapman, Ph.D., has written several books on the subject, to help us determine a person’s love language. I have two: quality time and words of affirmation. When my friends make time for me, I value that and feel loved. When my mentor is proud of me and voices her approval, I get all warm inside.

For children, the ways a parent expresses love may help them greatly or kind of miss the mark. In this issue, Deborah Shouse shares how parents can ease their way in “Simplified Parenting.” Learning a child’s love language, focusing on the good and creating rituals are just some of the ways to connect more deeply with kids and ease stress levels from norms of hyper-performance and busy schedules.

For those of us that live with chronic pain, the easiest way to deal with it may be to take a pill. But often, seeking the care of an acupuncturist, energy healer or masseuse can provide effective relief—without the nasty side effects or potential for addiction. As conventional health care becomes more expensive and less accessible, the power to heal ourselves becomes vital. In “Multilevel Healing: Embracing All Dimensions of Well-Being,” Linda Sechrist explores lifestyle and other tools with which we tap into preventive and therapeutic powers within. As Dr. Wayne Jonas says, “We are more like a garden to be cultivated than a car to be fixed.” Thinking holistically means honoring body, mind and spirit. For me, this physical magazine is the body, ideas from contributors and advertisers the mind, and you, dear reader, are the spirit. I am honored and grateful to serve and be your companion on this journey.

Peace and enjoy,

Cat Carrel, Publisher

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