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Rooster Sharing Community Launches in Austin

Rooster, a movement of localized sharing communities that originated in Northern California, now has a presence in Austin. The group connects neighbors to share free resources, thus reducing waste and spending; connecting neighbors; and spreading acts of kindness. Rooster members practice unconditional giving and focus on contributing. Everything done through Rooster is completely free, without expectation of pay or reciprocity.

The effort was originally dubbed “Rooster – the Pay It Forward Movement,” as a place where neighbors could help, borrow, swap and share with one another. “There is no money on Rooster, only gratitude,” says Rooster co-founder Tali Saar. “When someone does something nice for you, you simply say ‘thank you’ and then pay it forward to someone else when you can.”

Rooster was born from a desire to help people reconnect with one another and build trusting communities. Since forming in California, the Rooster movement has spread to Portland, Oregon, where it was immensely successful. Examples of sharing and giving through Rooster includes kids receiving used toys from neighbors, people getting together for potluck dinners, moms exchanging kids clothes, injured folks receiving crutches and wheelchairs, neighbors arranging car pools and poetry nights, needy students receiving furnishings for their apartments, and more.

Organizers report that more than 6,000 Austin neighbors have signed up to kick off a local Rooster movement. “We’re a small team, but we have a big dream. And more importantly, Portland and Austin have given us the belief that it can be done, that we’re not crazy to believe in it, and that many, many people out there are just like us. We love you, Austin, and let’s continue to set an example for everyone, everywhere,” Saar says.

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