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Natural Allergy Relief for Early Summer

Jul 09, 2017 11:46AM

by Angela Holmes

For allergy sufferers, the great state of Texas brings enormous challenges. Due to a variety of wet and dry climates plus roving wind patterns, allergens flow abundantly. In 24 hours, a person can inhale 7,200 allergen grains in spring or summer. Whether it’s dust, pollen from plants or even the spores of fungi, there’s simply a lot of allergen matter in the air Texans breathe.

Cascading allergy symptoms can range from sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, blocked sinus passages, headaches, fatigue and even systemic inflammation. Here are some simple yet effective natural allergy relief options to aid those that suffer.

Air Purification: Consider a home air purifier with a HEPA filter. Nostril filters from WoodyKnows can help with outdoor exposure.

Herbal Tinctures: Taken orally, concentrated herbal tinctures provide immediate short and long-term relief. Locally owned GreenStar Herbs makes a blend called AllergEase, while Colorado-based WishGarden makes many tinctures based on symptoms and region.

Safety Caution: GreenStar Herbs owner Trina Sims recommends seeking consultation. “More and more people are using herbs [today]. Folks need to be working with someone that really knows what they are doing,” says Sims.

Proactive Supplementation: Adding bioflavonoids and antioxidants to one’s regimen can defend against the inflammation cascade of airborne allergies. Quercetin with bromelain capsules, lemon or apple-cider vinegar water and even increased vitamin C can all help.

Practical Daily Care: “Be aware of exposure,” Sims cautions. Learn what causes a reaction and avoid it. Next, make the house allergen-free. Keep windows closed and wear freshly laundered clothes when indoors. Rinse face and hands regularly with cold water and take a shower before bed. Also, brushing out one’s hair (and one’s pet) helps removes a great deal of allergens close to the nose.

Source: GreenStar Herbs, 512-301-5069. [email protected].

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