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Wellness in the Workplace

May 17, 2017 09:50AM

Employee wellness isn’t just a fad, or only for big companies with big budgets. Even smaller employers who integrate wellness into their overall objectives find they experience benefits on many levels.

Healthy employees are more engaged, more productive, use fewer sick days, have fewer accidents and experience lower turnover. Smaller organizations have even more to benefit from a wellness program that’s right-fitted to their needs.

Here are five steps to getting the process going in any size company:

Gain and Recruit Support at all levels of the organization. Championing the objectives around corporate wellness is good business. Organize a Wellness Advisory Team, or in smaller organizations, bring in a corporate wellness consultant to provide expertise and support to execute a comprehensive strategy. Conduct an Assessment or survey of employees about what they already use and want to see in a wellness program, such as lunch and learns, contests or health fairs.

Create a Well-Being Strategy with goals and desired outcomes that impact the company culture. Even by beginning with just stress management, that can have a big impact on containing other health-related costs, since stress accounts for 20 percent of direct costs associated with presenteeism (working while sick) and absenteeism.

Identify an Incentive and Reward Strategy that is sustainable and encourages long-term intrinsic motivational results. Think long-term wellness culture change, not just “flavor of the month”.

Execute, Communicate and Evaluate by tracking and evaluating results in participation, satisfaction, behavioral change, health metrics and impact.

Building and supporting a culture of wellness in any company takes a creative, problem-solving approach and the return on investment is undeniable.

Source: Sandra Vela, corporate wellness consultant who evaluates, creates and implements effective employee wellness strategies. For more information, call 956-351-0825.

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