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The Grand Design For Success and Holistic Wellness

Jan 02, 2017 09:35AM

by Lamar Irwin

Holistic wellness leads to an empowered life and provides a real sense of well-being both inside and out. It occurs when the matrix that makes up a person’s life causes he or she to feel fulfilled by living a desired life. A person subjectively measures well-being in many aspects— career, friends, partner/spouse, money, love, play, emotional/ mental, spiritual and other aspects that are important.

There are those that recognize room for improvement and are ready to make some adjustments to increase a sense of well-being. The greatest wellness develops by deliberately choosing one’s desired results in life while deepening the understanding of working with life. People are designed with all the inner skills necessary to maintain, establish and increase holistic wellness. With the right knowledge, these inner unseen skills are utilized to change life externally and internally.

Permanent change for the better in a person’s life begins from within. The grand design for people is that everyone is born with skills to make the life they desire. It is simply a matter of the right education. The good news is that it works for every person.

Sociologist Robert K. Merton says, “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Meditation is the most well known tool for making life changes, and it is continuously being confirmed by new scientific technologies. Meditation is when a person is focusing thought, and heart, on a single thought or feeling. Sometimes it is staring at a single point or flame. For the advanced meditator it is to be without thought.

A meditative state focuses one’s whole being in a single direction. This is what causes deliberate life changes. A meditative state occurs when the brain’s operating frequency range is about seven to 14 hertz. In daily life, people’s brains are operating above 14 hertz. This is when eyes are open and the physical senses are engaged. Every person has a built-in switch to change the brain from outer reality activity mode to inner reality creative mode.

The switch involves mental focus, intent and controlled breathing. To go within begins with intent to disconnect from the stimuli of the physical world. Relax and breathe deeply, focusing on the air movement and how it feels. Deep breathing is enough to get the process started. In a short while, the brain frequency adjusts to the right range, and one feels relaxed. From this point there are a multitude of activities that will benefit in different ways.

Once a person is at this level of peace and relaxation, the intelligence expands to include the intuitive and creative mind. At this point there are a multitude of options.

Some of the known uses of being in a meditative state:

  • Find and Establish Peace Within—Most people are introduced to meditation where the goal is to relax and clear the mind. This is new to people living a busy life in our active world.
  • Dynamic Meditation—Cause deliberate changes in life. Visualization is a much validated and scientifically measured skill that directly alters our being. Proper visualization techniques are known to alter the neural programming in the brain and heart in real time. Brain difficulties have been overcome using these techniques. There are other trained uses of the imagination that will cause change at different levels in a person’s life.
  • Oneness Meditation—Allow the release of attachment to what the eyes see as separation between people, things and other so the person establishes a strong sense of connectedness to all things.
  • Visioning—Ask questions of a higher knowing, universal love or other name. Receive direct answers in some form. Establish a strong sense of love within one self fully connected to the universal love.
  • Sports Performance and Task Improvement—Some studies have shown that when a person effectively imagines their sports performance beforehand, it can significantly improve his or her performance. This has been also applied to desktop or other work tasks to improve the quality and performance.
  • Open One’s Heart Center and Fill Up with Healing Unconditional Love—To those that have had their hearts awakened, they know this energy can be drawn in, received, magnified and sent. This is a good heart healing process. The more a person opens their heart, the more their heart will heal and stay open for more love.

Choose a practice. Learn it. Practice it. And witness life unfolding in much grace and ease.

Lamar Irwin is an electrical engineer, licensed spiritual coach, life empowerment coach and brain trainer. For more information, visit Curious Mind News blog at

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