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Natural Awakenings Austin

Fire Up a Passion for Change: Firewalking Workshop Explores Ways to Overcome Obstacles

Sep 02, 2016 06:17PM

Native Americans and indigenous tribes in India and Africa have performed firewalking—the act of walking barefoot across hot embers or stones—to gain the energy to perform hands-on healing for others, self-healing and to fill up with the power they need to accomplish big challenges. Energy healer and certified firewalk instructor Kerri Hummingbird will lead a Firewalk Empowerment Workshop from 5 to 9 p.m., September 16.

"The fire can be an ally for discovering and working through our shadows,” says Hummingbird, “it is a safe space to explore limitations, fears, old wounds, stories and unhealthy beliefs. The fire can show you where you need healing; it can be an early detection for imbalances in the body long before they manifest into illness identified by Western medicine."

Hummingbird’s monthly Fire Tribe events leverage wisdom from thought leaders and holistic practitioners in Austin to transform and awaken participants. The Firewalk Empowerment Workshop falls on a full moon, and Hummingbird has planned a transformative experiential evening designed to reveal one’s authenticity and empower one to shine.

The workshop is designed for those that desire more energy in their lives; for people that want to overcome obstacles that are holding them back; for energy practitioners that want to add to their skills toolbox; to enhance relationships; or to step into a more emboldened and empowered version of the self. Whatever the goal, Hummingbird says she invites everyone to let the fire teach and heal.

Cost: $50 for one person; $80 for two people. Location to be disclosed upon registration. More information, call 512-809-9816, email [email protected] or visit

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