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The Point of Happiness

Jun 04, 2016 11:33AM

by Dee Ann Newbold

Happiness—it’s a feeling we all desire regularly. Our active minds sometimes like to help us create different ideas on achieving happiness, but focusing on the moment, combined with a simple acupressure technique, can bring a feeling of contentment that anyone can tap into at any time.

Seeing the moment of right now brings perspective to what is really happening. Focusing on being in the moment can help reduce the stress and fear that comes from thinking about stories of the past or creating ideas of a future that hasn’t yet happened. Looking for the silver lining can help to focus on positive outcomes—for example, if there is a driver cutting people off in traffic, instead of getting angry, think that perhaps the driver is helping to slow down traffic to safer speeds.

The acupressure point known as Pericardium-6 is about two and one-half inches below the crease of the wrist, about where a wristwatch is worn. With the palm of the hand is facing you, grab the Pericardium-6 point with the opposite hand and apply light pressure. Note the reaction and try to smile, which has a calming effect even when the circumstances seem hard, sad or scary.

Choosing to accept the present as exactly perfect in this moment is a huge step toward creating a balance of peaceful acceptance. Slowly breathe in and smile.

Dee Ann Newbold is a licensed acupuncturist and founder of Acupuncture & Medical Research Centre, 11673 Jollyville, Ste. 201, Austin. For more information, call 512-336-7424 or visit

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