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How Martial Arts Can Benefit Women Physically and Mentally

May 24, 2016 05:02PM

Women of all ages are enjoying kung fu and tai chi—children, teens, college students, mothers, teachers, lawyers, doctors and engineers of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. There are several fundamental benefits of this training that all women (and men) can use for happier, healthier and more balanced lives.

Once people experience kung fu and tai chi, they find it a fun and engaging form of fitness that they want to stick with forever to stay strong, moving and balanced. The act of attending classes and training the mind and body in these ancient arts lays a path to self-mastery that few have the opportunity to follow. That self-mastery gives one the confidence to tackle any task and go after any goal.

Both kung fu and tai chi are arts of self-defense; years of training in either discipline gives one the confidence and awareness to avoid dangers and to handle them if necessary.

Training with a group and working side-by-side with other men and women who are focused on their own selfmastery creates an environment that offers needed support and friendship.

According to research published in Contemporary Psychotherapy, martial arts can provide physical demands, coupled with mental challenges to increase longevity and decrease the chance of dementia as we age. Kung fu and tai chi can offer the perfect blend of these mental and physical exercises with enough material to keep one fascinated, healthy and inspired for life.

Resource: Sheryl Schaefer, Austin Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi,

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