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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Shining Light on a New Perspective for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

May 13, 2016 10:04AM

by Lynne Benton

Many adults carry forward emotional behaviors and blockages associated with surviving patterns learned during the time of childhood abuse and trauma.

Throughout their lives, these patterns can show themselves as obstacles to functioning relationally to an individual or society. Lives are lived from the view of what was learned during those survival years, as if from the eyes of a small child. Mistrust is common in their adult relationships as well as undefined anger, control-related issues and addictions. Many adults have trouble accessing their heart and nurturing emotions for fear of vulnerability.

Mainstream counseling can help many of these situations, but there is always that lingering question of “Why Me?” or “What did I do?” Abuse survivors need to expand the mind to the possibilities of what one doesn’t know, to the part of the mind yet to be discovered by the individual. This is where one can gain a powerful new perspective on the origin of the abuse and the answers to unanswered questions.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) in one session can help individuals connect to that part of the higher mind and find answers. During a QHHT session, clients can experience past lives and see connections between themselves and the abuser. They may view a life where they took the power Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Shining Light on a New Perspective for Survivors of Childhood Abuse by Lynne Benton of the abuser in a previous life, or they may witness that they were actually an abuser in another life. Some will experience abuse in this life to give the power back to a person, or it may be a debt of karma.

QHHT believes that if one considers that we all are eternal, we would certainly make a plan or contract before going on to the next life for lessons and experiences from which we want to learn and grow. Abuse survivors can learn about their “original blueprints or contracts”, where new perspectives can be discovered. Many learn that they are connected to a “soul group”. These souls are often, but not always, family members. The soul group travels through many different lives together, assisting one another in the completion of their contacts, almost like assigning different parts in a play. The mother may play the father in the next life or the mother may choose to be a child in that next lifetime.

The lessons can be difficult and hard depending on what the soul has chosen to experience and grow from. But all are in agreement before arriving on Earth how they will assist one another. Sometimes souls in the group willingly take on the so-called villain roles. Perspective changes greatly when we discover that we gave prior permission to assist and experience situations on Earth.

Immense healing and emotional release can be brought forth from the discovery of these new perspectives. Clients that would never consider forgiveness can now willingly forgive their abusers as well as themselves. In some sessions abusers have passed away and the clients higher-mind/consciousness will actually call forward the deceased family member to give a message of forgiveness, or that message may come from the abuser to the client if they wish to proceed in that direction. QHHT sessions are four to five hours long and usually take one session to accomplish what is needed.

Lynne Benton is a QHHT practitioner in Austin. For more information, call 512-297-7164 or visit

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