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Cleanse In the New Year

Jan 06, 2016 02:40PM

Most people probably didn’t eat as healthily as they would have liked to over the holidays. Despite best efforts, people still found themselves confronted by temptation, compromising daily dietary habits. In an effort to help people begin the new year with a healthy start, Soma Vida will host a cleansing event led by Austin-based health coach and cleanse facilitator Kris Hostikka, beginning at noon on January 23. Hostikka is also offering 15 Natural Awakenings readers an early bird special if they sign up by January 9.

A meet and greet will kick off the event, followed by an educational slideshow. Over the following 10 days, participants will be given a detailed cleansing packet including a shopping list; organizing tips; recipes; Kundalini yogic cleansing exercises; daily educational videos; email support; and a private Facebook group page. The cleansing program finishes with a celebratory potluck party on February 1.

Hostikka cites the article “Among Trillions of Microbes in the Gut, a Few Are Special” which appeared in the March 2015 edition of Scientific American. The article summarizes that some researchers suspect that, aside from protecting us from infection, one of the immune system’s jobs is to cultivate, or “farm”, the friendly microbes that people rely on to stay healthy.

“The human microbiome is a hot topic lately and researchers are finding just how vital our gut ecology is on our overall physical and mental health. It has a profound affect on our immune system, and if it’s not in balance, can set up an environment for disease to take root. This was the case with me. I felt powerless to cravings, and struggled with barely understood and seemingly incurable health issues,” Hostikka says. “Eating a clean, nutrient-dense diet including lots of broth changed my life. That’s why I created the Journey Into Health cleanse. It’s a way for me to offer a literal taste of how delicious a ‘cleanse’ can be.”

Location: 2324 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin. For more information or to sign up, call 310-749-7272 or visit

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