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John Edward on His Work and Connecting with the Other Side

Jun 17, 2015 10:06PM

By Sheila Julson

For over three decades, renowned psychic medium John Edward has used his abilities to help people shed light on the enigma of the Other Side. He’s gained an international following as the host of two successful cable TV shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country. In addition to penning eight New York Times best-selling books, he continues to tour the United States, holding live events and connects with audiences through his membership-based interactive web program, Evolve.

Edward cites psychic mediums Lydia Clar and Sandy Anastasi as mentors who helped guide him and develop his talents. As his journey continues, he embraces successes as well as the bumps in the road that accompany his work. “Every field, whether it’s a police officer or an office worker, has its ups and downs. Being a psychic medium and telling people that you can read energy and talk to dead people, well, that kind of comes with a specific up and down,” he laughs. “So you decide to be committed to doing this work and not ignore peoples’ skepticism, but to embrace it, as well as the negativity that comes at you.”

Edward observes how people have different expectations when they receive a reading or attend one of his live shows, and some attendees hold the impression that a psychic knows everything. He equates it to visiting a doctor who cannot diagnosis an issue without first talking with the patient and ordering tests. “There’s a process that’s there, and it’s the same in this field,” Edward explains. “Each person works differently. My process is that I connect with the energy. I see, hear and feel what it is and what I’m seeing, hearing and feeling, and then I diagnose what I feel I’m connecting with. That is usually the person that has crossed over. I then explain that to the sitter that is in front of me.”

When Edward connects with spirits on the other side, whether it’s through a reading or in his own life, he says that they can give insights. While they cannot interfere with the living, he believes they can intervene through messages that can be like pieces of a puzzle to help with guidance and decision-making. “It’s not always about the future, but a retrospective way of understanding the past,” he says.

Edward believes that while people say they want closure, it’s really continuity and connection they’re seeking, and dealing with grief is a slow process that happens moment by moment. “I think grief is so complicated and so unique for each individual and the relationships that are touched, so people should honor what they’re feeling instead of what they’re fearing,” he explains. “The fear of the loss of the person, the fear of never seeing them again, the fear of not hearing their voice, the fear of not being able to connect with them and knowing they’re not around—it creates blockages in our lives. If we allow ourselves to feel, then we’re honoring the pain of that loss and the more we honor that pain, the more we honor that grief. The more we work through it, the more we can get to connect with what’s still there. They may not be with us physically, but the energy of their consciousness is still very much a part of our lives.”

While much of Edward’s work involves connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, he believes it’s crucial to communicate with, validate and appreciate the living. “Engage people while they’re here, and appreciate and validate what they mean to you,” he encourages. “Sometimes we don’t get a second chance at a first opportunity. A phone call, text message, saying ‘I love you’ or taking someone out to lunch keeps lines of communication open and brings positive energy.”

Edward remains passionate about his work and still strives to teach and get information out to as many people as possible. At his events and readings, even if people are not being read directly, he says they can still learn by observing, “Just by being in the room and watching what’s taking place, they get the opportunity to be a participant, and that current of energy can be very, very healing for them.”

John Edward will appear at the Doubletree Hilton Austin at 7 p.m., July 9. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.

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