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The Etheric Body and Meridian Energetics

Jun 15, 2015 10:19PM

by Alana Weaver

Meridian Energetics is a new healing modality that works directly with the etheric body, or aura, to assist and heal dysfunctional energetic patterns that create realities that our conscious selves do not wish to live in. The etheric body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body; it’s what holds the physical form together as a unit onto itself.

Whatever manifests in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies begins in the etheric body first as an energetic program. There are also many sheath bodies in the etheric body that serve as different programs. When these programs can be found, old emotional patterns can be released, as well as physical issues such as disease and sickness.

The etheric body has its own meridian system, different from the meridian system in the physical body. During a Meridian Energetics session, these points are found and opened and the energy lines are cleared. This system works in conjunction with the new 12 chakra system, as well as new energies entering the planet.

Meridian Energetics balances the flow of energy between the masculine and feminine sides of the body. Everyone has masculine and feminine energy no matter the gender. These energies need to be in balance for the body, mind and spirit to function properly.

Meridian Energetics helps to activate balance of a 7 chakra system to a 12 chakra system, along with chakra healing work, which will move humanity into higher levels of consciousness. This is why many modalities that work under a 7 chakra system are no longer effective for many people.

At the first visit, the Meridian Energetics Practitioner will assess client’s yin/yang breath balance by placing hands on feet. Shortly after, fingertips on meridian points located at strategic places of the body will allow the practitioner to connect to any emotional, mental and physical blockages. The technique is a very light manual touch that releases and modifies irregular conditioning or patterning and energy within the client’s biochemistry and neurological system.

During the adjustment, clients will feel a degree of energy moving, or increased circulation, while others will feel nothing. Some clients feel a great sense of emotional or mental relief. All individuals respond differently, depending on their situation.

Meridian Energetics can make possible physical changes such as weight loss, increased circulation, increased energy; increased metabolism; cleansing and detoxification; and improved immune response to help break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness and suffering.

Emotional changes can include reduced stress and anxiety; forgiveness; self-esteem; an awakening trust in life, courage to maintain an open heart; and reduction in anger and frustration from being abused or controlled.

Some mental benefits include a more relaxed and positive attitude; higher self-awareness and creativity; healthier thinking patterns; clarity, focus and discipline; and overcoming procrastination.

Many clients report positive social changes such as improved communication and relationship skills; release of past failures or attachments; protecting oneself from possible malevolent and ambient negativity; overcoming invalidation from others; transforming feelings of shyness, ineptness or social unease; and breaking the attractor field which draws troubled men or women.

Alana Weaver is one of only four certified Meridian Energetics practitioners in the United States. She is also an intuitive spiritual counselor and owner of Etheric Wellness, 2499 S. Capital of Texas Hwy., Austin. For more information, call 512-563-5889 or visit

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