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Community Spotlight - Ed Reidt, Breaking Down Mental Barrier to Achieve Physical Health

Mar 07, 2015 02:08PM

by Sheila Julson

While personal transformation coach and healer Ed Reidt was a practicing chiropractor during the late 1990s and 2000s, he made a connection that physical symptoms his patients had experienced were often brought on by long-held negative emotions such as guilt or anger. By getting to the crux of his patients’ emotional issues and directing them to release adverse feelings, Reidt noticed how their health improved. He couldn’t scientifically explain it, but he saw positive results, so he knew he was on to something special.

Reidt, a native of Greenville, Michigan, was always strong in math and science. He attended Universtity of Michigan – Ann Arbor to pursue a career in engineering. Three years into the program, he realized he was going down the wrong path, “I also studied physiology and anatomy. I was always interested in how the human body worked.”

In 1990, his fiancée got a fellowship at University of Texas – Austin, which brought Reidt to Texas. He decided on a career in chiropractic medicine and attended Parker University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in anatomy, and in 1997, his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Reidt studied post-graduate neurology and opened his first chiropractic practice in 1998. “I was taught at chiropractic college to just focus on caring for the patient with lower back pain, carpal tunnel and basic skeletal ailments,” Reidt says. “And then it happened.”

The “it” Reidt refers to is the discovery of how physical pain can be caused by negative emotions. “I learned that if somebody had, for example, joint pain, I started thinking about what caused the pain. You rule out the pathological explanations—no fractures, no tumors, no infections, etc. Then I realized that bones don’t move by themselves. Muscle moves bones, so I focused on the muscle and it dawned on me that what makes muscles contract are nerves.”

He found spiritual ways to get to the root of emotional issues that were hindering patients’ physical health by focusing on the connection between muscles, nerves and long-held emotional trauma. “My background was technical and scientific. I could explain to patients how chiropractic worked in a scientific way, but then these spiritual healing modalities started happening within the practice that I couldn’t explain,” he relates. “Every time someone had a particular muscle causing a particular pain, there were emotional issues tied to it like guilt, fear, desire or anger.”

Reidt stopped practicing chiropractic medicine in 2011 and began serving clients through a healing art that helps one release negative emotions to achieve overall wellness. A visit to Reidt begins with him asking clients their chief complaint. Reidt then explains his procedure of talk therapy and has the client lie down on a chiropractic bench. Reidt starts his process of communicating with the body through asking it a methodical sequence of questions tracing the pain or ailment to its physical source, thus pinpointing the category of the emotional source. Once the emotion, such as anger, is uncovered, Reidt will talk a client through steps to release that negative emotion.

“I don’t counsel,” Reidt reiterates. “I don’t do things in a psychological way. But I am able to show people how to retain a memory without attaching a negative emotion to it, and how to recognize what you’re afraid of. After walking clients through the release of their negative emotions, I like to inform them of what will specifically work for them in passively raising their level of consciousness; maybe it’s classical music, seeing great works of art, or books like The Gospels, Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, or The Upanishads, or going to see live music or dance, cycling, a visit to the lake, or specific TV programs. As we remove negative emotions, it’s like removing sandbags off a hot air balloon. You begin to transcend and lift, as those negative emotions were the obstacles of progress and enlightenment. Once you learn to drop resentment, bitterness, hostility or grief, raising consciousness happens naturally.”

In today’s demanding world, sometimes people aren’t aware of their negative emotions. “But once it is discovered, you can get rid of all pain. The body can tell you what you’re ready to release. It’s like your wallet or the bottom of your purse; it needs to be cleaned out once and a while,” Reidt observes.

Reidt is rewarded by seeing people make transformations —physically and mentally—ridding themselves of emotional trauma weighing them down, “It’s truly gratifying, and the thing to remember is that it’s not my knowledge, it was given to me and revealed to me. I just translate what is unconscious, and the clients are the ones who really do the healing. It’s nice to be the hammer that helps build the house.” For more information, call 512-799-3733, email [email protected] or visit

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