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Combating the Degenerative Effects of Stress

Oct 31, 2014 08:33PM

The World Health Organization asserts that at least 90 percent of illness is caused by stress. Having a method to release physical, mental and energetic stress is a must in our fast-paced yet sedentary Western society. A lesson can be learned from tribal societies that have developed ways to expend such destructive energies.

After a short class or series of private sessions, we can train the brain, heart and body to de-stress completely on cue within moments. It is so easy and beneficial that people can do this before important meetings and phone calls or while commuting to and from work.

This quantum deep relaxation skill is also the starting point for tapping the human potential to other life-transforming skills, such as meditating deeply within moments; reprogramming brain and heart neurons for desired life changes; opening up the intuitive thought channel; focusing the mind to cause changes in life; aligning to one’s true nature where life is realized with grace, ease and trust; and activating inherent healing energies.

This relaxation skill also happens to also be the foundation for many other trainable life skills, such as shifting mood, eliminating pain, enhancing performance, studying less and increasing grades. This trainable skill begins to shine a light onto the true potential of the human system and its design for success, all while increasing health and boosting the immune system.

Lamar Irwin, a religious science practitioner and an electrical engineer, trains, coaches and speaks about the application of different sciences to activate personal empowerment. For more information, call 512-677-4748 or visit

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