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Natural Awakenings Austin

Science of Soul and Self

Aug 28, 2014 11:58AM

E RA SunChild will facilitate a spiritual self-healing through self-discovery, experience and actualization of soul and self, September 27 to 29, in Austin. She will also offer a show-andtell introduction from 6 to 9 p.m., September 25.

SunChild’s healing involves the authentic connection between the soul and the divine source. During the workshop, participants will experience their own truth and discovery, achieving spiritual wellbeing and having revelations that are simple and applicable to their bodies, souls and spirits.

SunChild says, “Each person’s flow is unique and changes from one moment to another. We are in awe. There is no knowing what will be the outcome in the moment. It seems to be a self-evolving spontaneous moving freely living light, energy and information! It just takes all participants for an unexpected ride. HeliOsoul is an inexhaustible source of spiritual, unseen yet quality energies. These energies are interactive, self-intelligent and fit to bring the true changes, if you allow it. Attainment of such ushers new qualities of self, body, spirit, emotions, inner child, energetic and healing abilities which are utilized easily on your own in every aspect of your life and irrevocably changing the quality of the healers’ practice.”

Cost: $295 before Sept. 14, $325 after. Location: 8133 Mesa Dr., Ste. 103, Austin. For questions and information, call Devon at 512-221-8363 or visit

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