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Logosophy: An Alternative Method for Developing Human Potential

Aug 28, 2014 12:03PM

Evolution is a law of nature. Would it be important for us to evolve consciously? Is there a method that allows each individual to take charge of their own conscious evolution?

Students of Logosophy, Clementino de Mendonça and Veronica Brito, M.D., will be presenting a lecture, Logosophy: An Alternative Method for Developing Human Potential, at 7 p.m., September 27, at the Hilton Garden Inn NW Arboretum Hotel. The lecture is part of the XI National Meeting of Students of Logosophy in the United States to be held in Austin during the same weekend.

Created in 1930 in Argentina by the humanist, educator and thinker Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche, Logosophy is a new kind of humanism and practical philosophy that presents a unique method for self-knowledge and conscious evolution. Logosophy bases its method on our inner reality, that is, our mental, sensitive, instinctive and spiritual natures.

Logosophy is studied both intra-individually and collectively. During the collective exchanges, students have the opportunity to share their perspectives and comprehensions, enriching each other’s experiences. By allowing students to approach their inner reality, to investigate the cause of their own difficulties and to find the solutions within themselves, Logosophy fosters self-confidence and freedom of thought, as its method does not impose dogmas of any kind. On the contrary, the logosophical method adapts to each mind, allowing students to select the elements that applied to their own psychology will promote the changes needed to overcome their limitations and enhance their character.

Logosophy presents unique concepts of life, mind, thoughts, feelings, soul, spirit, universal laws and many others. In addition, it highlights as one of its greatest objectives the conscious evolution of the individual, achieved by organizing their mental, sensitive and instinctive systems. Logosophy presents an integral conception of life and the human being. It contains all the necessary elements to promote inner investigation and discovery. Since 1930, the logosophical study has been helping students around the world to see their lives through a broader and deeper perspective, realizing that any change should start from within.

Location: 11617 Research Blvd., Austin. For more information or to register (at least 24 hours before the event), email [email protected]. Logosophy books can be downloaded for free at

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