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Tapping Into Mother Earth’s Healing Properties

May 18, 2014 06:16PM

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Tracy Rhodes, of Mother Earth RX, loves sharing and educating others about the benefits of approaching health the natural way. doTERRA International is an all-natural health and wellness company whose primary products are essential oils. Their certified-pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils represent the safest, purest and most beneficial oils available on the market today. Long used throughout history in many different cultures for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits, modern trends towards a more holistic approach to health are driving a revival and new discoveries of essential oil applications.

For those interested in reinventing their family’s healthcare and taking a more natural approach, Rhodes recommends doTERRA’s Family Physician Starter Kit. “It includes 10 essential oils that are absolute must-haves for anyone just getting started. These are oils that I would never be without to make sure I can meet my family’s health care needs,” she says. The kit includes a bottle of Slim & Sassy, the company’s best selling oil, which is a metabolic blend that helps suppress the appetite, regulate blood sugar levels and control cravings.

Rhodes adds, “One of my favorite things about this starter kit is that is comes with a six-week online internship. We don’t just sell essential oils, we teach you how to use them. We want every person who uses a doTERRA oil to have the confidence, knowledge and skill to know how to get the most benefit from their purchase.”

To learn more about the Family Physician Starter Kit, visit and use promo code MERX2013. For more information, call 501-412-8008 or visit and

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