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Natural Awakenings Austin

Clearing the Cobwebs of the Soul

Feb 24, 2014 11:04PM

In our natural state, we experience clarity in our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Traumatic physical, mental or emotional events can cause us to lose our connection to our core self and feel unable to function as we were once accustomed. While each of us is here to learn, grow and discover happiness in our own way, life experiences may challenge those aspects of our lives that define our happiness, such as our physical health, mental and emotional peace, healthy relationships and fulfilling work.

Clarity Transformations sessions, led by Larry Begnaud, enable participants to consciously access their non-physical selves and awaken deeper awareness, so that they can receive what serves them and release what does not. Integrating Matrix Energetics, shamanism, spiritism, crystal-stone energetics, and chakra clearing, the sessions begin with a connection to the heart energy field. This connection, combined with the participant's intention--what they want to change--enables a transformation to occur in resonance with their openness to change.

Clarity Transformations sessions are available in person, by phone and Skype video. For more information, call Larry Begnaud at 512-965-2149 or email [email protected].

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