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Transforming Lives with Chakra Healing

by Lisa Powell-Watts

In the past 10 to 15 years, several new modes of healing have come into being that are effective, thorough and very powerful. Part of this trend is consumer-driven. People are requesting that a mode of healing not only be effective, but also be long-lasting, address their spirituality and get to the core wound.

Chakra Healing is one such modality. Developed by Dr. Brenda Davies, British author, psychiatrist and spiritual healer, Chakra Healing has been found to be helpful in addressing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.

Her premise is that issues that occurred in a person's life when these very important centers were developing will detract from the qualities the centers offer us.

For example, the first chakra— the root chakra—is developed from birth to age 4 or 5. If all goes well in our young lives and with those around us, we will feel safe and secure, experience a sense of belonging and avoid depression, anxiety or addictions. But if, for example, our mother had postpartum depression, a parent was alcoholic or we were adopted or had physical problems, we are more at risk of developing those issues.

Chakras are storage units. They store every incident and associated feeling that has ever happened to us—both good and bad. While psychotherapy is a good start, it cannot access, much less heal, issues on this deeper level.

Davies' belief is that the main seven chakras, and many minor ones, develop incrementally every four to five years. Each one brings us the wonderful qualities of groundedness, flexibility, healthy sexuality, empowerment, love, communication, manifestation and connection to the Divine, among other positive qualities. Chakras can become blocked or brittle, which prevents the flow of energy and hampers the manifestation of these qualities.

A Chakra Healing practitioner will take a thorough history, examine the person’s chakras and channel healing energy where it is required. Each session begins as talk therapy, discussing the issues the person would like to work on. Talking about the issues makes accessing the blockages much easier.

Another component of Chakra Healing is that the client is taught how to ground and protect their energy. Almost everyone can relate to the experience of feeling drained after being with a particular person or walking into a room full of people and picking up on something negative before a word has even been spoken. Our chakras are not only in our bodies—located along our spinal cord—they also radiate out in front and behind us. They, and the protective layers of our aura, precede us and function as a protective mechanism. Most of us haven't been taught that they are there and to tune in to them. A client will learn good “spiritual hygiene”—ways to ground, cleanse and protect their energy every day. This is particularly important for healthcare practitioners, so that they don't absorb their clients' wounded energy.

Chakra Healing also helps to treat addictions, grief and loss, and depression and anxiety. It assists in couples' counseling and with adoption issues, and facilitates in the development of spiritual gifts. Once a person clears the issues from their lower chakras, the blockages are removed and energy freely moves up into the upper or spiritual chakras—the throat, brow and crown. Some forms of yoga can assist with this as well.

It is an exciting time for people seeking to heal on a deeper level or grow spiritually. Gone are the days of spending years in therapy. When seeking a practitioner, make sure to choose someone that has done their own work and completed a reputable training program. Chakra Healing is a new way of using ancient ideas to address and heal emotional issues that keep a person from reaching their full potential.

A new school will be forming between Houston and Austin at the beginning of next year. It is a three-year program for those that would like to further their spiritual growth or learn the techniques of Chakra Healing.

Lisa Powell-Watts, MEd, is a licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, and licensed chemical dependency counselor. She is the U.S. teacher for Dr. Brenda Davies’ International School of Healing and Spiritual Development, in Texas.

For more information or to make an appointment with Powell-Watts, call 979-830-0960, email [email protected] or visit and

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