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Combining the words “awesome” and “cosmic city” to describe Austin in a new way, the Awesmic City Expo 2014 will be an innovative gathering of people interested in building peace, both locally and globally, through the arts, sciences and education. Held at the Palmer Events Center, August 9 and 10, participants will enjoy panel discussions, science exhibits, demonstrations, music concerts, a fashion show of chic nomad designs, a Star Trek hair design showcase, art exhibits and many other opportunities to teach and learn new methods for cultivating a peaceful, healthy and resourceful lifestyle.

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Community Spotlight – Zen and the Art of Hairstyle Maintenance

Garbo (Spotlight)

by Sandra Yeyati

Fifteen years ago, Marsha Power was depressed. Seven of her employees at Garbo, A Salon & Spa, had died of AIDS. Both of her parents, several uncles and even her dog had died, too. When her long-term romantic relationship ended, she felt like she had lost it all. “I broke,” she says. “I became hopeless.”

Then a friend suggested that she try meditation. Power explains, “I went to a class out of pure boredom, had absolutely no interest. My heart was very heavy, and this lady told us to get into this quiet place of silence. I had never ever shut off my brain. She said, ‘If you can hear the car honking outside, you’re not there; if you can hear the wind blow, you’re not there.’ Then all of a sudden, I got into this space, and there was nothing.” Power’s heart started vibrating. “It was like I was in love, and I was high for three days,” she says.

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An Amazing Event for Amazing Pets

Amazing Pets

The Austin Pet Expo is just around the corner and coming to the Palmer Events Center, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., August 2. Attendees are encouraged to bring their pets to this free, indoor event where they have an opportunity to check out more than 100 exhibitors; get low-cost shots and free nail trims; watch educational demonstrations; participate in a pet costume contest; see hundreds of pets available for adoption; and more.

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Learn to Create the Life You Deserve


Offering attendees the techniques and inspiration to achieve complete healing—body, mind and spirit—medical intuitive and founder of True Freedom U Joe Petroski will be offering a workshop from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., August 16, at the Palmer Events Center, in Austin.

Movies like The Secret and The Cure Is… suggest that our thoughts create our reality, thus implying that we are responsible for our own health. Petroski, who survived a life-threatening ailment for which doctors did not have a treatment, has developed a set of healing techniques that go beyond the power of positive thinking, biofeedback and other similar modalities.

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Ignite the Brain’s Highest Potential

Brain_grey and Yellow

Higher Brain Living is offering a live presentation and demonstration from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., July 28, at the Hilton Austin, showcasing their transformative technique that sends a surge of energy to the higher part of the brain to melt away stress, open up potential and lead to more happiness.

Created by Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living can change the physiology of our brains. This system creates a clear channel and powerful energy surge to the higher brain that opens a gateway to true, lasting, limitless and expansive higher living like no psychological, spiritual or physical healing modality. With Higher Brain Living, participants will experience joy, confidence, purpose and passion.

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Find Keys to a Better Life at the Body Mind Spirit Expo


With more than 40 presenters and authors, 100 of the nation’s most intriguing exhibitors and multiple entertainment opportunities, this year’s Body Mind Spirit Expo promises to inspire and awaken us while meeting like-minded individuals, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., July 26, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., July 27, at the Palmer Events Center, in Austin.

It is an opportunity to discover some of the nation’s most intriguing exhibitors, offering the latest findings in natural health, personal growth and metaphysics. Browse for hours, receive a healing or soothing massage, try the latest new products and learn fascinating new avenues to better health, personal well-being and spiritual growth.

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Reconnective Healing Classes in Texas

Reconnective Healing

Eric Pearl, DC, founder of The Reconnection, will be offering two presentations in Texas this month. The first, Explore New Frequencies of Healing, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., July 10, at Unity of the Hills, in Austin, is designed to help practitioners become leaders in energy health care. Participants will learn about a new and dynamic level of healing that transcends technique and frees us from complex rituals and fear-based protections. This technique can be used for self-healing, as well as to heal others, regardless of the participant’s background. Participants will learn about the history, theory and scientific research behind this technique and tap into this unique vibrational bandwidth of energy, light and information to inform, guide, heal, transform and reconnect their lives. Cost: $15 with online registration; $20 at the door. Location: 9905 Anderson Mill Rd.

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Community Spotlight – A Caring Approach to Health Care

Dr. Chris Larson

Chris Larson had been working as an investment banker for a couple of years when he decided to become a doctor. Having observed the poor level of treatment his loved ones were receiving, and believing that there was a better way to help people, he left his finance career behind and enrolled in medical school.

“The doctors that were treating my loved ones are not bad doctors. I think it’s the system that’s bad,” Larson explains. “A lot of family physicians would love to spend 30 minutes to an hour with their patients and discuss lifestyle changes, but their clinics take insurance, and if you take insurance, from a financial standpoint, you cannot do that.”

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Finding Health Through Movement


by Julie Wylie

It’s morning, an alarm has sounded and all across America women and men spring from their beds, throw open the shutters and begin their day. Eckhart Tolle says, “When you wash your hands, when you make a cup of coffee, when you’re waiting for the elevator—instead of indulging in thinking, these are all opportunities for being there as a still, alert presence.”

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Taller Sana Tu Vida en Español (Heal Your Life Workshop in Spanish)


Por primera vez en Austin, Lilia Sixtos, estará presentando el Taller Sana Tu Vida en Español, de las 5 a las 8pm, el sábado 12 de Julio. Aprobado por Louise L. Hay y autorizado por Hay House, Inc., este taller transformacional ha ayudado a miles de personas alrededor del mundo a mejorar sus vidas, a través de cambiar sus patrones de pensamiento para crear la vida que quieren vivir. Lilia Sixtos es maestra certificada del programa Heal Your Life, (Sana Tu Vida).

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